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Offer high quality base products with great upgrade options

clip71731932.jpgIf you want to market your products, you have to have products worth marketing. One of the things you need to do is give potential customers a taste of your offerings, and allow them to upgrade. If you want people to buy a lot, you have to start by getting them to buy a little. If they like the little things that they buy, they are far more likely to buy more. If you sell software, for example, offer them the free trial version, or a template, and then make it easy for them to upgrade to a "pro" version.If they like the trial version, find that they enjoy it, etc. they will be okay with shelling out a little bit of cash to upgrade to a full blown version.

If you offer high quality base products, with great upgrade options, you will sell more and make more. So, give customers something free, or offer a low priced base product, that will help them feel like they can trust you. If they like the low cost version item, they will be quick to jump on the chance to upgrade. And, as a result, you will make far more money.

How is this marketing? Well, you not only need to market to gain new customers, but you should focus part of your marketing on getting your current customers to be repeat purchasers, or to get them to spend more. If they are already in the door, your goal should be getting them to open their wallet wider, and you do that by providing them with stuff they love so that they want to keep buying from you.

Evaluate your business products or services and determine what you can offer for low cost or free that will entice customers to purchase even more. What can you make into a base product that will please your customers and clients? How will you go about offering an upgraded version? Your company will only benefit if you can keep your customers happy.

If people like the base product, and are offered great upgrade options, they will usually tell others about your products and services. They are going to let people know that they have options, that they can use the high quality starter items, or pay a little extra to get more high quality goods or services. Just remember, you won't make anyone excited about what you have to offer if your base products are low quality, or something no one wants. It won't matter if it is cheap or free if it is not worth having.

Make your base product awesome: When users are excited about the base product, they are much more likely to upgrade. If they are excited about the base products, they will tell others about it, and help you gain more customers.

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