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Using video for marketing

laptopwithwebcamera45381702.jpgVideos can be a powerful marketing tool when used the right way, and when designed to market your products or service.People love multi-media, and will stop to watch a video if it is worth watching. Because of this, you can use the internet, and sites like YouTube to successfully market your products and services. The following are three things that you need to keep in mind when using video for marketing:

1. Provide value.
A video is only going to be watched if it provides some kind of value to the viewers. If they find value in it, they will share it, and others will watch it as well. There are several ways to provide value through video. One way is by humor. People like to laugh, so if you can make a humorous video, it will get watched and shared. Another way is providing someone with information they are seeking. For example, if you sell knives, you might create a video that teaches people how to cook something, or provides them with a recipe and step by step guide to making it, with just a little pitch about your knives at the end. The point is, there has to be a reason for people to press play and watch the video, so if you want to be successful using videos to market, make sure that your videos add value and quality for their life. The video itself does not have to be professionally made if it gives people something they are looking for they won't care.

2. Post in multiple places.
The web provides a host of places where you can post videos, and if you want your videos to be used for successful marketing, you need to take advantage of all of those places. You may want to begin by placing videos on YouTube, a popular place for video, but then expand to placing them on your blog, on Facebook, link to videos on Twitter, place them directly on your website, etc. Videos are great for search engines, as they love multi-media. So, just be sure that you post your videos all over the web so that they get more exposure.

3. Keep them fun and informative.
It doesn't matter how great or needed the information in your video is, if it is boring, people won't want to watch it. So, keep your videos upbeat and fun. In addition, make sure they are informative. People want to be able to learn things, and they are going to appreciate a video that is both entertaining and informative at the same time. These are the videos they are likely to repost, to share, to recommend others watch, etc. The better your video, the better the chance of it being successfully used for marketing.

These are just a few of the key components of using video for marketing.

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