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The benefits of marketing online

olderwomanonphone32013024.jpgJust like everything else, marketing has moved online. Savvy business owners are finding out that they can market there business, easier and more effectively then ever. Best of all, marketing online is stretching marketing budgets, for many companies. As businesses of every size are faced with a tightening economy they are looking for ways to make their marketing more efficient and effective, along with saving as many dollars as possible.Marketing online has been shown to be that solution. Business owners should understand that marketing your business online, brings with it many benefits that are not available with traditional and offline marketing. These benefits include-

  • You can quickly make changes-One of the major benefits of marketing online versus offline marketing, is the ability to quickly make changes. This is far different from placing traditional advertisements in magazines, newspapers or on television that require extensive notice in order to make changes (and it can be prohibitively expensive as well). The bottom line is that by monitoring and tracking, how your advertisements and marketing efforts are doing, you can make the decision to change a graphic or wording right on the spot and do it without any problems. This is simply not the case with traditional marketing, and advertising.
  • You can target specific demographics in your advertising-By placing your marketing online it becomes easier to target specific demographics such as gender, age, and location. You can even target specific income levels, education levels, and occupation. While you can do this in traditional marketing, it's not as easy and often ends up being a guessing game. This type of offline marketing is known as the "shotgun approach", where you fire out some marketing and hope it reaches your target marketing. Online marketing allows you to have more finesse.
  • There is a large variety of methods in marketing online including:email, audio, video, blog, social media and newsletters-One of the major draws of marketing this way, is that there are so many options when marketing online. You can use audio, video, blogging, email, social media and ongoing newsletters, within your marketing strategies.If you were to do the same thing in traditional marketing, you would need to select several media outlets, to cover your bases.
  • You can track real-time results-Marketing online allows you to track real-time results using online analytics to make a determination, on how your marketing campaign is performing. While there are ways to track traditional marketing efforts, most the time it cannot be done in real-time. This is a crucial component to your marketing strategy since tracking results can mean success or failure to your campaign.
  • Marketing online allows for instant conversion ability-When you choose to market online you have the ability to convert a customer instantaneously. This is not the case when evaluating marketing options in traditional media such as:magazine ads, newspapers or television. This is because when you are marketing online, you cannot only capture a potential customer's information, but you can capture a sale instantaneously by a few clicks of a mouse. When it comes to offline marketing it simply takes more time to convert a customer into a sale, not to mention the person (employee), power it often requires.
Finally, it is important to remember that just like any offline marketing; your marketing online efforts need to be planned. You can't just post something here, and place something there, and consider that you're marketing online. You need to create a marketing online campaign, and plan and measure, your results just as you would with any other marketing. It is important to remember that the more carefully you have targeted your potential customers, and the more carefully you have chosen and placed your marketing advertisements, the more successful your marketing online campaign will be.
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