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Never give up

menintugofwar23085268.jpgIn marketing, sometimes it takes time. It would be nice if you could put out an ad, or make a Facebook page, and instantaneously become super popular and well known, but this happens to very few people. So, do not give up if it doesn't happen to you. Just because something does not produce phenomenal results right away doesn't mean that they won't product results. In fact, often being persistent in your marketing is what really pays off.

When marketing, we are not saying to use a poor strategy, and beat it to death. If one strategy doesn't work, try another one, as sometimes you are not using a good strategy. Just be sure you give it enough time to develop, as not many see instant results.

Why should you be persistent? Anyone who has ever had a sales job knows that sometimes you have ten duds before you get the golden ticket. You might have ten people walk in your store, or visit your website without purchasing, or purchasing very little, and then you have one person click through and double your profits for the month. The point is, not everyone is the golden customer, but if you give up on your marketing, you might miss snaring that one person who really makes a difference in your income. So, even if you fail ten times, if one time you don't, you can feel it was successful.

Let's say one of your business strategies is to use business cards. You might pass out a hundred cards before you make a contact that actually results in you making some money.However, if you give up and don't pass out those business cards, then you could lose the opportunity to get the one customer that does come through from that effort. Besides, business cards only cost pennies, and so they can be an effective business form. Using business strategies that do not cost much will help you be more effective at sticking to them. If you are not hemorrhaging money for marketing, you can afford to be patient with the marketing strategies you use.

If you can be persistent, it will eventually pay off. You might get yourself in front of hundreds before it pays off and you actually make a sale, but as mentioned previously, that one sale could actually double your profits.

Marketing can be overwhelming, especially to a start up, or someone who needs results, and is not seeing them as quickly as you want. However, with patience and persistence, you will be slowly build a large customer base, and through your persistence, you will find that the customers you do build will be loyal.Try different strategies, and never give up on your efforts to attract new customers. You might strike, but you won't strike out until you quit trying.

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