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Using Facebook for marketing

womanlisteningtomusic16344700.jpgFacebook can be a powerful marketing tool if used properly. Here are a few tips for how to use Facebook as a marketing tool:
1. Don't get personal. When you are using Facebook as a marketing tool, you have to avoid the personal stuff. It is okay for your Facebook profile to have personal crap, but on your Facebook page, do not put down what you had for lunch that day, or what you plan to do over the weekend. No one cares, and it will turn people off to your Facebook pages, meaning they will un-fan you.

2. Make multiple pages. The Facebook profile has a limit of 5000 friends, but a page has no limit to the number of fans you can have. In addition, you can only have one profile, but you can have as many pages as you want. This means you should create a Facebook page for your business, and then separate pages for every product line of your business. This will greatly improve your visibility, and help you to push people to the pages that are of interest to them.

3. Be consistent. If you want to use Facebook as a marketing tool, you need to stay in the newsfeeds of the people who fan you. The best way to do that is to keep creating content so that you keep showing up. However, in addition, do your best to create quality content. If people comment on your content, or "like" it, it will not just be on the news feed, but the top news feed. This means that when someone logs on to Facebook, they will see your content on their home page, keeping your company in the forefront of their mind.

4. Offer exclusive coupons and discounts to people who Facebook fan you. If you want to build your Facebook following, give people incentive to join. For example, you may offer them a printable coupon for a percentage off, or give them insight into new products or services, or let them buy before anyone else can, etc. The point is, make it exciting. If they do not get value from you somehow, there is no real reason for them to click the button to "like" you.

5. Use multi-media. People like to see videos, pictures, links to things outside of Facebook, news articles, and more. If you want your Facebook marketing to be successful, do more than just write little blurbs on your page wall, instead, upload video and photos, and keep things interesting for the people who follow you.

Facebook can be a great marketing tool for all of the above reasons, and it is free. It does not cost you anything to create a Facebook page, other than the time to maintain it. So, give it a try, you may find it gives you better results than you expected.

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