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The power of blog marketing

dotcominbriefcase19157840.jpgA powerful form of marketing is using a blog. Blogging has become one of the hot new ways to get your message to the world, and to create an online impact. People turn to blogs for information about everything, from politics, to home improvement tasks and more. Here are five reasons blogging is a powerful marketing tool:

1. You are not as restricted in what you do or say.
One of the best things about a blog is that unlike a website, you can be more liberal with what you talk about and do. You can have strong opinions, or get controversial, and it is okay. Why? Because it is a blog, people expect that from a blog, and aren't going to hold it against you.

2. Search engines love blogs.
One of the best things about blog marketing is that search engines love blogs. When you use a blog for marketing, you not only get all of the other benefits of a blog, you get higher search engine rankings. If you want to be seen on the web, you have to get ranked, and get noticed by Google, and other search engines. So, a blog is going to really help you to do this. Not only do the links to your blog help you a ton, but the simple fact that you have one. So, have a blog, keep it updated, and enjoy the search engine rankings benefit.

3. Blogs offer you the ability to talk to your readers.
One of the great parts of a blog for marketing is that you can discuss with yoru readers what you want them to hear, and can listen to what they have to say in return. You can evaluate how engaging your content is by the number of comments, and click through you get from a blog posting. This can be invaluable information to use when creating your marketing plans for the future.

4. Blogs are cheap.
Most blogging systems are free to set up, and you just have to create content, either by investing the time to do it yourself, or money to pay someone else to do it. As far as a marketing tactic goes, it is one of the more effective methods for the cost that is tied to it. After the initial cost, your blog is basically only going to cost you the bandwidth to have it, and it will give you so very many benefits.

5. Blogs are easy to use.
You do not have to be a programmer, or even very technically savvy to use a blog. Most blogs have a "publish" button, so really all you have to do is type out what you want to post, and then click on the button to post it. No waiting around for the IT guy to finish a project so they can help, and no time spent learning how to use a complicated system.

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