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Do infomercial advertising tactics still work?

chartthree30393001.JPGDo those 3 am infomercial ads actually work? A number of companies pay thousands or even millions of dollars to create infomercials but then they get aired at a time when no one is really watching television so do they really work? Are infomercials a good advertising tool for your business? One way to find out if infomercials are effective is to notice how many times you have watched an infomercial and then purchased a product from the infomercial because of it. If you have ever purchased anything off an infomercial, it is proof that infomercials do work.

The truth about infomercials is that they do work as millions of dollars are spent to purchase products through infomercials each year. Since you have about 30 seconds to market your product in an infomercial, what can you do to send out the right message that will inspire your customers to buy the product? Here are some simple steps you can use to make great infomercials for your company:

Step # 1 - Awareness
The first step to take when you are making a great infomercial starts with creating awareness for your products and services. Take a look at infomercials that catch your attention and why they do. For the first few seconds you will see most infomercials start by asking a question and then offer a solution to the problem. This is a great way to generate awareness for your company as you can outline all of the product's features in a few minutes. You will also be able to generate awareness about your company as well.

Step # 2 - Need
Why do your customers need this product and how will it benefit them? Adding a need to your product right away will lead to greater success with your infomercial. The need is when you will talk about the various benefits of the products and how the product will save your customers money, time, and other things. Think of the different needs that your product will fulfill and focus on them in the infomercial to convince your customers why they cannot live without your product.

Step # 3 - Urgency
The next thing to do after creating a need and a desire, you want to make it seem vital that the customer purchases the product right away. Creating a sense of urgency is vital to the success of the infomercial. This is where you are going to include things like "if you buy in the next 30 minutes, we will throw in an extra product for free." Creating a sense of urgency to the product is the best way to get your customers to buy it right away and to get them to act upon the need for the product. You also need to make sure you have multiple purchasing options for your customers when they call or go online to purchase the product.

Step # 4 - Options

Now that you have inspired your customer to buy the product in the infomercial, you then need to show them other options that are like your product and why your product is better. Options will help your customers to make better decisions when they are trying to consider whether or not to buy the product.

Step # 5 - Reduce the risk
What's one of the last things you hear on an infomercial? It usually is something that goes along the lines of reducing risk like "try it risk free for 30 days or we will double your money back." Doing simple things that help to reduce the risk to the consumer will help inspire them to buy the product as they see that they can get their money back if they don't like the product.

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