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Online marketing traps to watch out for

laptop30347484.jpgOnline marketing is a wonderful way to expose your company to a new audience. Many companies turn to online marketing because it is cheaper from print marketing and it allows you to gain more exposure to a new audience than you will find with traditional marketing methods. When it comes to online marketing, a number of businesses actually struggle to market to their customers as they aren't utilizing the search engines correctly or they do not understand proper search engine optimization tactics.

Here are some things that you need to watch out for when it comes to online marketing and what you need to do in order to become successful:

The long URL - this is a big mistake most businesses make. You are excited to get new customers interested in your site, but if you aren't making the site easy to find, it will be hard for them to find you. Keep your URL short because a long one is hard to remember and it's hard to type in as a lot of people can misspell words and other things. If you are attaching a blog or something else to your website, keep it similar to your website and just add /blog to it in order to make it easier to find. If you are sending out the link in an email, always double check the links and make sure you include a hyperlink so your customers don't need to copy and paste the link.

Hard to browse - have you ever been to a website that is hard to navigate? What about a website that has broken links or missing pages? Always check your website and make sure it is user friendly and easy to browse through. Update the content on your website often to ensure that it is fresh for the search engines and for your customers. Consider adding a search box to your website because its much easier to use than a website that is one level.

Too many advertisements - some websites are loaded with other company's advertisements. While it's a great way for you to make some money, these ads can be really annoying and frustrating to your customers. Make sure the ads are simple and that they aren't overtaking your website. If you have pay-per-click ads in the content, try to avoid having pop-up messages that remain up for a long time as this can be distracting for your website users.

Username problems - in order to generate the response you are seeking from your customers and to get them to sign up for your website mailing list or even for an account, you must offer them multiple user names. Give them a chance to use their email address instead of needing to create a unique user name because they usually forget the username but they won't forget their email address.

Too many keywords - one problem you may find is that your website is overrun with keywords. Some companies focus hard on search engine optimization but they go too far to try and get the search engines to follow them that they overrun their page with keywords. Keep your keywords to a simple amount per page so that they aren't in every sentence, causing the search engines to reject your page and causing your customers to have a hard time getting the message from your website.

Too many or too little emails - some companies rely heavily on email to communicate to their customers. While email is great, if you are sending out too many emails to your customers, it will get annoying in a hurry. Then there are the companies that are on the opposite end of the spectrum and they end up forgetting to send emails to their customers. They send one email a month or even less than that. If you have customers that sign up for a newsletter, try to send two or more each month to keep their attention.

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