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How PR affects your marketing strategy

moneyguys67954028.jpg There are a number of different ways to market your company these days, from the internet to numerous ways in print. Many companies choose to use PR to help their marketing strategy. PR or public relations, is a great way to launch your marketing campaign. PR can be a great way to reach many different markets of potential clients. Here is looking at how PR affects your marketing strategy.

What is PR?
PR stands for Public relations. This is the managing of information between an organization and the public.

What is a marketing strategy?
A marketing strategy is a process that can allow an organization to concentrate its resources on the greatest opportunities to increase sales and achieve a competitive advantage.

Marketing gets the word out about companies and their products. It gets businesses noticed and customers buying their products. It is the step that leads to sales. If companies don't find ways to get noticed, then there is no business.

There are many ways that PR contributes to marketing campaigns. PR creates and manages information to get their products and services out to the public. Some of these include: press releases, news articles, magazine columns, flyers and brochures, direct mail marketing, and product catalogs.

Press releases are a major part of a PR marketing strategy, but press releases alone don't make up a whole PR campaign. Successful PR marketing strategies that bring great publicity to your business and business products are:

  • An interesting product that the audience will find will find advantages in.
  • A media release (or press release), that explains the benefits of your business and its products. It will also tell how they will benefit the potential clients.
  • A media list detailing media outlets who match your product or business outline. This way you can work with other media to help launch your product and you in turn can help them.

  • Find a trustworthy contact that gets your release into the hands of the appropriate reporter or editor. This will allow those companies to quickly and easily respond easily to your pitch. Do some research to find out the preferred method to reach your media targets. Let the media hear about your story, however you can. This can be done by mail, email, fax or phone calls.
  • Have contact follow ups over the next several months to generate as many placements you can. Send out photos of your products, show and hold interviews and share in product samples.
  • Some sort of media tracking capabilities -- whether it's your own media follow-ups, Internet research, or a professional broadcast/print clipping service. Having "hard copies" of the placements generated by your PR campaign can be invaluable in the further marketing of your business/product. Media placements are a unique validation of the market acceptance for your business/product and can help you convince new customers of that fact.

If you successfully execute your PR in your marketing strategy, then this can send your business soaring to success in no time. Make sure when marketing your business that you readily involve PR tools to get your business name and products out to the consumer. Following these PR marketing strategies will not only increase your popularity with the public, but it will also increase your company's sales. Take time to carefully launch your marketing campaign today and watch as your business starts to grow.

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