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Mobile paid search

The following is the five things you should know about mobile paid searches:
1. Group mobile campaigns separately.While they are both part of marketing, mobile paid search performs differently from online search campaigns, and you'll often want to adjust your strategies accordingly and separately. In other words, what works for one does not always work for the other, and you will be far better off using your resources for customized campaigns for the both, not trying to entwine the campaigns.

2. Broaden scope. The amount of volume for mobile search keywords is lower than that of online search. So if you want the best results, you will want to target more broadly, and include more high-volume queries, with additional keywords. No matter how evolved the devices are becoming, it is still more difficult to type out a query on a small screen. This means people are using shorter, more concise phrases and keywords in their mobile search. Thus, to optimize for mobile paid searches, target broadly.

3. Go local. Mobile marketing is better suited for local search, so if you use geotargeting at all in your regular marketing, it is going to be really important for local. When people do a mobile search it generally has local intent. In other words, they do not want broad or general information, they do not want to know movie times, for example, in a different city, but in the one they are in. Thus, part of your mobile paid search strategy should include geotargeting, and using local intent to produce results for searches.

4. Get creative, but stay functional. One of the best parts of mobile search is that it is highly functional. However, it is okay to get creative as well. You will want to try things like click-to-call. If talking to a live person will benefit a consumer then make sure that you offer a click-to-call option.You can explore your options, and come up with ways to improve ease of use and function for your consumers, while also putting your own spin on things, and staying within your brand.

5. Target the most immediate needs. You want to make sure the landing pages your mobile searchers are finding are extremely useful for the consumers, and will meet their most immediate needs. Help the user accomplish their task easily, and they will be far more motivated to connect with you. In other words, mobile paid searches are not going to do you any good if your site is not mobile friendly, or if you do not take time to get clear, concise information, with out large media files, etc. to slow down loading time. Meet their immediate needs first, then broaden your objectives to meet other needs as well.

Mobile paid searches are a good way to get yourself out there, but only if you take the time to make sure that when you do pop up on a mobile search you provide the consumer with something worth consuming, something easy to consume, and something that meets their consumption needs.

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