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When to add mobile search into your marketing

Mobile marketing has become a big phenomenon and it is ever growing, but it may not be right for you to add mobile search to your current marketing plans. Here's a look at when to add mobile search into your marketing, or who should be adding it. This list is not exclusive, it is merely an example of how mobile search can benefit certain types of companies, and how to make it a bigger part of your marketing strategy.

Retail/QSR marketers should be using mobile search. The reason you want to use mobile search as a retailer or QSR marketers is because many users will use their mobile devices to conduct online searches before purchasing offline. They are not likely to try and purchase via their mobile device, but they will gather information on the go before purchasing in person, or on a personal computer.

Travel marketers should be using mobile search. People love to travel and often dream of travel, and browse travel as they think about all the places they want to visit and see. Mobile search can be leveraged and be capitalized upon. Travel lovers use mobile search to look for flight information, and to book transactions such as purchasing airline tickets. Many mobile users will start out by browsing, and when they come on a good deal, may jump on it.

Entertainment marketers should be using mobile search in their marketing because most people use mobile devices on the go, and to obtain information about entertainment. Entertainment companies can promote movie listings, theater locations, TV tune-in reminders, album releases, concerts, and other live events. In other words, mobile marketing is a great way to inform users about entertainment, especially entertainment that is happening right now, because most users use their mobile devices to find the right now stuff.

Consumer packaged good marketers may find mobile marketing helpful as they can use it to include special information, coupons, incentives, and the like. They will not appeal as much to the right now, or urgency part of mobile marketing, but they can grab attention of consumers with limited time offer coupons and incentives, and by providing useful additional information about products and services they offer.

Mobile marketing is an evolving market, and can be used to benefit many different companies. One thing to keep in mind is that when adding mobile search into your marketing campaign it should not take the place of existing tactics, rather be integrated into what you are already doing. It will be yet another channel or opportunity for consumers to see your brand, engage with you, have a conversation, or obtain information. It can help them know that you are consumer oriented, and give them a very personal, and mobile way of accessing the information, coupons, promotions, and other things your company has available.

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