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Mobile search is evolving

With the rise of mobile use there is also a rise in using mobile for market, especially mobile search. People are finding mobile search to be extremely useful when looking for answers on the go. The following is a look at how mobile search is evolving, and what this means for your mobile marketing strategy.

Mobile search is useful for local queries. People want information about things happening locally. This might mean local movie times, or restaurant info for local restaurants, etc. These include local modifiers, such as city, zip, etc.When you do a search on your mobile phone, the phone knows that you are searching within your area using geolocation. For example, you might search out a restaurant name, about 33% of searches done on mobile devices have local intent. This means that if you search for, "Chili's" for example, despite there being Chili's restaurants all over the country, it should pull up a local option with phone number, address, etc. Users want this, so make sure when creating your mobile search marketing plan that you take advantage of local intent.

Mobile users will keep their queries shorter as it is never as easy type on a mobile phone keyboard, regardless of how fancy they are. People are not going to type in long sentence about what they are looking for. This means that if you want to do your best to show up in mobile search, you will want to optimize around high volume keywords, and a lot of them, rather than phrases.

Be open to possibilities. The fact is, mobile search is growing as more and more people are using smart phones and devices like tablets to search rather than personal computers. Because smart phones have the capability, voice search is starting to become a bigger thing, and most search engines are incorporating it. There will be some real renewed innovation. People will be able to search while driving, etc. This means that you should enable voice search for your sites, etc.

SMS search is continuing to be relevant. This is where you text a query and then receive a result.There is usually a brief delay, but it is still a fast way to get a business listing, a stock quote, or something else. Of course, as more people use smart phones, the less this will be used. However, it is a good idea to explore the relevancy of this channel for your company, and make sure that you are utilizing Google listings, etc. so that when someone texts a query to Google, you could show up.

Changing hardware. Mobile search innovation is not just in the user, there is now built-in search button on the phone's hardware makes it possible to search instantly. Mobile search listings can appear during a wide range of activities, such as for driving directions, or with various application use.

Results pages are going to continue to become more mobile specific. More and more businesses are building mobile pages, with concise, clear information, and links to the Apple App Store, or Google's Android Market.Get involved, mobile search is evolving.

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