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What is integrated marketing

When it comes to marketing, what type of methods are you using and are they actually working? Marketing is a very detailed and often time consuming process. One strategy you might consider using is integrated marketing . What exactly is integrated marketing and how can it boost sales and reach out to your niche market? It comes down to consistency. Sending out marketing messages and a consistent image for your company will have a long-lasting impact on your customers and will make it easier for them to find your organization and to keep in touch. When you stick to consistency it also builds a great brand image for your company as well.

Take a look at your existing marketing messages. Are they easy to understand and do you feel like your customers are able to understand them? You must turn to marketing messages that are not complex and ones that will lead to great results. Clearly explain your message and make the messages easy to spread around.

When you turn to integrated marketing you will also optimize the way in which your dollar is spent. This will include better offline marketing efforts and productive online marketing efforts. Putting the money in the right areas and also making it effective will increase your cash flow and you will find that it is effective.

Integrated marketing is more than using your logo on everything and trying to create consistency among all of your products and services. It is a process that involves the interlinking of your marketing materials in order to enhance the effectiveness of your website and your organization. So what does this mean? Lets say you create a facebook page for your company. How are you going to spread the word about your page to bring in followers? If you just create a page and expect to sit back and wait for people to start clicking "like" your site isn't going to get very far. What do you need to do? Depending upon your industry you need to promote your site through the following methods:
- Tshirts
- Radio ads
- TV ads
- Business cards
- Print marketing messages
- Direct mail ads
- Flyer
- Door hangers

Promote your new page like crazy in order to gain more exposure and to get plenty of followers in order to actually make money off of it. The more exposure you get the easier it will be to boost your reputation. Adding your new page to your marketing materials is very easy to do and it will boost your visibility tremendously.

If your marketing message is not consistent and it is not integrated, you are wasting money. It is important to look at your marketing plan and to see what you can change in order to make the most out of it. Almost everyone will have an area where they can improve their marketing messages. If you have a new product or a marketing message that you need to promote you need to work with your sales staff and to make sure they understand this new message so they can use it when they are out selling your products.

Give your customers multiple outlets to hear your message. The more exposure and visibility you can gather, the easier it will be for you to add more customers. Use your blog to share experiences with your customers and messages from them. You can add videos of customer testimonials and other things, which actually can boost your reputation in the industry. Emotional appeal is a great way to gain your customers attention and respect.

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