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What is your small business marketing mix?

What is your business currently doing in order to market your products? Are the marketing strategies you are using working effectively for your company? Marketing is a key aspect of your company and it needs to be given the right type of attention in order to bring in sales for the company and to increase your company's visibility. Here is a guide to a small business marketing mix that will be able to help you make a difference in your industry.

Let's start with marketing and what you are doing. Are you demanding success from your marketing team? There are specialists in each different type of marketing and you need to use their skills to help you create the right type of marketing message for your company. Marketing experts need to come with experience in every type of marketing from social media to print marketing in order to help you make the most out of your budget and to really increase your companies profitability. The best way to understand marketing and what you can and cannot spend on it is to consider the 4 P's of marketing:
- Place
- Product
- Price
- Promotion

Let's start with place, let's take a look at the where your product is being marketed and the type of customers it is attracting. Can you move your product to a different location where it will gain more exposure or at least exposure to a new audience? You need to consider physical location of your signs and other things as well because they play a key role in attracting customers for the company. Then you also need to look at online marketing and selling online. There is a large customer base to choose from here and it will help you to solidify your company's reputation and to really strengthen your presence in the market. Putting yourself out there in new places will bring more attention to the company and will be able to build up a new customer base for you.

Next you need to sit down and take a long hard look at your product. What is it about the product that people want and what attracts them to it? If you do not have a good product, there is nothing you can do in order to build up your reputation and to increase your companies brand awareness. A good product will be able to sell itself and this is a great way for your company to improve its brand and to save money on marketing as your customers will be able to tell others about it for you.

Price is a big part of marketing your small business.Some people shop because of brand loyalty but there is a large audience that will shop based on price. In order to convince these people to buy from you, it is vital that you price your products correctly. Look at the different types of pricing strategies that are out there and how you can find one that will be able to help you market your business.

Finally you have to work on product promotion. This is the biggest part of your marketing campaign as this is how you will educate people about the product and help people to purchase it. How are you promoting your products? Are you using the internet to your advantage along with print marketing? If you do not have a good marketing mix, it will be challenging for people to learn about the product and for it to make a difference.Look into local marketing tools you can use along with other marketing tools that are not as costly to help promote your product.

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