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Staying Safe With The Right Virus Protection Program

Staying safe with the right virus protection program is a lot easier than staying safe without it, and while it may seem like a virus protection program is a panacea against all computer interlopers both foreign and domestic, there are some things that a virus protection program cannot protect you from.

There are many good virus protection programs on the market that protect against the latest threats from computer viruses, Trojan horses, malware and adware.They are updated every time that they have a new threat to defeat.Some of the programs are even good enough that they can warn you about whether or not a web site is safe to visit.If the site is known to have malware, dangerous downloads or adware, the anti-virus program will let the user know to avoid the site, and that is the key to protection from viruses.

Prevention is the first step that everyone takes when it comes to viruses of any sort.Biologically speaking, that means washing hands before you eat and after using the restroom.For a computer, it means avoiding dangerous and seedy web sites.Think of the internet as a series of eating and drinking establishments.You really only want to visit the high class restaurants, the ones that serve up the best food.The same is true with web sites.You face danger when visiting those restaurants and bars that may be on the seedy side of town.

Prevention also means not opening links or attachments in emails from people or organizations that you do not know, and sometimes, it means knowing whether or not the email really came from where it claims to come from.Did YouTube really send you an email about a video you posted, or was it a hacker who has cleverly disguised the email to look like it came from YouTube?The same is true with friends.Did your friend really send you an email with "HI" as the subject line and "see sexy pictures of me here" and a link in the body, or did the friend's email account get hacked?

There are many web sites that we use for shopping now, and they are secure, but it is important to note that even secure web sites like LinkedIn and the Utah Medicaid web site have been hacked.So regardless of how secure we think a site is, we should make sure to only share our information with those web sites that absolutely need it.Otherwise, when they fall victim to hackers, we are the ones that suffer with the loss of identity and all that entails.

It is only when prevention fails that we should rely on the virus protection program.Running a scan every week should be the norm when it comes to eliminating possible threats.It takes a while to run the scan that eats up a lot of memory I the process, but it is worth protecting your private information from people who would steal your identity and your money.

While staying safe with a virus protection program will not protect you from any microbes, car accidents or other catastrophes, it can help to protect you from electronic invasions of privacy.It can also help to keep your computer running like new.Viruses, malware, Trojan horses and adware can all slow down the processes that your computer is trying to run and that can mean slower surf time, slower start up times and slower program opening times.In our fast pace world, it is hard to wait, and that is what some of these malevolent programs would have us do.

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