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Choosing between Zune and iPod

girlwithipod39174142.jpgHave you been debating about what type of digital audio player to purchase? iPod and Zune have both been making headlines for years as they have a number of great capabilities that allow you to store all of your music files and take them with you wherever you want to go.

The Software
When you are shopping for a digital audio player, you need to look at the software you need to use. For the iPod you need to download iTunes and you can use it on 5 computers. iTunes can be downloaded right from the website. It's easy to download and use.The one frustrating thing with iTunes is that your information isn't stored in an account online or anything where you can get your files. The files are stored on your computer so in order to move them from one computer to another, you will need to use a flash memory device or you will need to use your iPod to move them around. The iTunes software is compatible with both the Mac and the PC.

The software you will use for the Zune is only compatible with a PC, not a Mac. You can download the software for free right from the website. The Zune software is easy to use as you can buy songs online and sync it to your device just like the iTunes software. The downside to Zune is that you MUST have Windows XP in order to use the software. If you don't have XP, you cannot download the software. You can get an upgrade to your system, but you will need to pay for it so in this situation you might want to consider the iPod instead.

The cost of the Zune varies between $249 - $199.99. The cost of the iPod is around $400 to $79. The various prices depend on what type of memory you are seeking for the device. If you don't mind a remanufactured device, you will be able to find both MP3 players for a lower cost.Used versions are also available online as well, but you don't get the warranty coverage with the MP3 player and you are always taking a risk purchasing a device that has been used by others as you don't really know what type of condition it will be in.

User abilities
When it comes to buying the iPod or the Zune, you need to figure out what you really want the device to do. What type of capabilities does it need to have besides just storing your music files. How about exchanging pictures and other videos with your friends? One of the cool things about Zune is that it has a unique Wi-fi connection where you can exchange this type of information with your friends and others. iPods don't allow you to exchange this type of information across multiple platforms like this.

Zune has a bigger storage capacity at 30GB compared to the original iPod but the latest versions of the iPod are getting bigger at 30GB as well, but they do cost more money for it. There is an 80GB iPod version as well that is really nice as a lot of people use it as an external hard drive device.

Buying Online
Both the Zune software and the iTunes software offer you the ability to buy their songs online. Both companies offer discounted pricing at times but many of the artists have certain restrictions as to which websites they will release their music to. This means you may not be able to get some of your favorite artists on iTunes but you will have no problem getting ahold of them on the Zune software site.

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