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Antivirus software options to protect your identity

accountant37004036.jpgWhen you are browsing the internet, it is common for a number of risks to come up that could compromise your identity and could potentially ruin your identity and your financial situation. Using antivirus software is a great way to protect your identity and to keep yourself safe when you are browsing online. The last thing you want is someone hacking into your computer and stealing your passwords and personal files.

Spyware is a serious threat and if your computer is bogged down with spyware, adware, and other things it will run slowly and it won't work the way it should. You will be able to notice if you have a problem if it takes several minutes for your computer to start up and if it takes awhile just top open up a program.While the spyware and viruses will make your computer slow, many of them are designed to track your online activity and they will collect your passwords, credit card information, and personal information.

When you buy a computer, you are often given a free trial of a virus program like Norton or McAffee. How do you know if these are quality software programs that will keep your identity safe? One way is to check on their reputations. Some programs are free while others will cost you a hundred dollars or more a year to protect your identity.

While you can use McAffee and Norton, they don't always fully protect your computer. The other frustration many customers see is that these programs do not have a good Spyware protection package. This is where you will need to turn to additional programs to help protect your computer like Spyware Doctor or Spybot Search and Destroy. Both are free to download and use and they offer great features to keep your computer safe and protected.While the program is running, it will slow down your computer so it's best to set it to scan your system when you aren't using the computer.These programs will scan the computer and detect any threats and they also block harmful adware before it is sent to your computer to make sure your computer is safe.

Now that you have a good spyware protection program, which antivirus software program should you use? Here are some of the best options:
1. AVG - this growing antivirus program is one of the best on the market. It provides you with all the protection you need to keep your system safe and it scans every website in order to ensure it is safe.AVG can be downloaded for free on and you can continue to use the program for free. If you would like to upgrade the program for additional services for only $34 a year.
2. Threatfire - another popular antivirus program is Threatfire. This program is also free to use and it has a number of tools you can use to make sure your computer will stay safe and protected against harmful threats to your computer.
3. Trend Micro Virus Plus - for 30 days you can use this program for free and upgrade to the professional version for only $39.99. It provides some of the best security and protection for your computer and it harbors threats to your computer before they infiltrate your system.
4. Avast Antivirus - Another free antivirus program you can download is Avast antivirus. This program provides you with a great option to keep your computer safe and protected. Its 40% faster from all of the other antivirus programs out there and will help you get your identity protected and safe.
5. Norton Antivirus - this is perhaps one of the most popular programs on the market. It usually comes pre-installed on the computer but you will need to upgrade it in order to use it past the 30 day trial.

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