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Emergency strategies

Sometimes you have to do an emergency surgery type move on your company to help it survive. This can mean laying employees off, closing factories, outsourcing to cheaper labor, etc. But it is not a long-term solution to your problem. If you have gotten to the point that you need to take emergency measures, then it is time to create a long-term strategy that inspires customers, and forges a bond with them through authenticity. The following is a look at how you can recover from emergency measures, and get yourself on track so that the emergency is nothing but a distant nightmare.

Be realistic- It is important as you asses your market and your competition that you are honest with yourself and realistic. Don't go head on against the biggest players if you can't match their budgets etc. instead look for a wider audience. How can you expand your brand? Often, instead of a head-on approach against the competition, a lateral campaign is a better move, expand the market, provide something they don't, and work your way in to the areas that they dominate.

Get trendsetters on board- The fact is in today's market, people only want to associate with brands they trust, and feel are worth their time. If you want to break into a market, or repair your reputation, look to get some trendsetters on board. Look at who your target market is, and the demographic you are shooting for as potential customers, then ask yourself who the trendsetters are amongst that group. What celebrities do they follow? What locations, such as clubs, do they frequent? Then approach the trendsetters, and offer them free product, etc. and see if you can get them on board to endorse your brand, or at the very least, wear it, show it, be positive about it, use it, etc.

Preserve authenticity with original roots as you expand- Remember that part of an emergency strategy usually involves an overhaul of sorts. When you do your overhaul, do not lose your authenticity, as this can lead to losing customers that have stuck by you for some time. As you innovate and expand, stay true to what you are, who you are, and what your ideals and values are. It will gain you more points with consumers.

Push boundaries, but minimize risks- It is good to make changes and push boundaries, try new approaches, and do what you can to expand your market, and your product and services, but push these boundaries with a plan, with a purpose, with direction, and with some research, as having these things will help you to minimize your risks, and thus your losses. You will be making choices that get you closer to your goal, not further from it.

As you pull your company out of the sewer, and try to get it back on its feet, don't be afraid to try something new, and be unique and authentic.

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