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Employee commitment and engagement

If you want to have a loyal customer base, you have to start with loyal employees. The way you can create loyal employees is by creating a culture, or atmosphere, that utilizes their strengths, and creates camaraderie. This will help make employees more committed to what they do. Creating a culture of employees committed to what they do will in turn create engaged loyal customers.

How can you do this? Try the following:
1. Start with a mission statement. These may seem outdated or something silly to hang on the wall, but they can be powerful tools. A mission statement that clarifies the essence of the brand, what you want to do, and how you want to do it will inspire employees, and unify the direction the company moves in.
2. A motto. A motto can help employees grasp what it is you are doing, and what you want to be doing. If your motto says you do everything with the customer in mind, they will never need to ask a supervisor how to treat a customer, etc. A motto is a fun way to get everyone on board with the ideals of the company.
3. Customer treatment and service- How will your customers be treated? How will their needs be met? How will you send them on their way so they become loyal customers and return customers? You have to define this, and make sure everyone understands it. Your motto and mission statement might include some things that elude to this. Make it clear.
4. Instill pride in employees- I am proud to be part of this company. Give them a reason to be proud of your company. Do you change the world for better? Do you provide a necessary service or product? Do you have the best customer service out there? Do you treat your employees like they are a part of the family? You can improve employee commitment and engagement by giving your employees a reason to be proud to work where they do.
5. Management's commitment to employees and helping them succeed. This is the single most important thing, you have to make sure employees know that their managers or bosses are not in place to get them in trouble, but to be their advocate, to help them succeed, and to help them grow!

When you create a vision for your company, or a mission statement, it has to be done with thought. In addition, you have to put in processes to support each statement, vision, mission, motto, etc. Let people join you, not work for you.

In addition, never let anyone be confused or unclear on the following two points:
- What you expect from employees
- What they can expect from you.
Employees need to know what is expected of them each day, each interaction, each task, and in return, what they can expect from you (a paycheck, help with projects from management, the ability to communicate concerns, recognition, etc.).

One great way to achieve all of this is through continual training. Spend 15 minutes a day of reminding employees and management of your company values, and acknowledging someone's superior efforts in this area.

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