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Tough interview questions for your potential managers

Hiring a manager can be a difficult job as the potential job candidate needs to come with personality skills in addition to professional skills that will be able to help lead your staff. You can feel it when you go on a good interview that you will be hired by the company so how can you turn the tables to become the person doing the interview and getting the right type of person for the job? Here are some of the tough interview questions you want to ask along with the right type of skills you need to have in order to bring in the right person for the job.

Job Description
Since the candidate will already have a reason for applying, you need to bring in the complete job description and have the candidate look it over and truly decide if this is a job they can do. If they say yes, ask them what type of talent and experience they have that makes them perfect for the job.

Personal and Professional Achievements
As you get the employee to talk about their past experiences, you want them to point out some of their personal and professional achievements that make them stand out for the job. What is it that they have done that makes them qualified for the job of a manager?Younger employees might not have the managerial experience but they might have skills and previous experiences that do make them stand out. Ask them to bring up a few of their project management tools that they have used that can bring about the right type of experience and skills they need to become the right manager for your company.

Financial planning
Managers must be able to budget correctly and they need to have experience with budgeting. Talk to them about what risks they may take with the budgets and how they will overcome deficits in the budget. Find out what type of experience they have with the financial planning of their previous departments.

Has the job candidate dealt with the hiring of employees in the past? They will need to have some type of experience with the hiring of employees and need to pick up the right type of employees that can bring talent to your organization. Hiring of employees doesn't need to be the only thing on the list; they also need to have experience with the hiring of vendors and suppliers for the company.

Does the employee have the right type of personality to get along with multiple employees? Do you think they will clash with other because they have a combative personality or do you see them getting along with others well? During the interview you want to ask them a lot of questions that pertain to their character such as putting them in situations that require them to stand out with their character of honesty. The more you get to know their personality, the easier it will be for you to make the right decision when it comes to finding a manager.

Standard Questions
Here are some of the standard questions you will want to ask during the job interview. These questions help you to see how well the employee can think on their toes along with their creative abilities:

  1. Can you describe yourself in 5 words?

  2. Why do you think you are best suited for this position?

  3. What qualities does an office manager need to have? Do you have these skills?

  4. Can you handle pressure situations?

  5. Have you dealt with multiple personalities? Have you had conflicts with them in the past?

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