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Delegating For Successful Business Management

As a manager you have multiple people and tools to work with. It is your job to make them efficient, so that two plus two equals five. Streamline your business with these delegating tools.

When leading a project, make sure that every step of the way you are getting feedback. When you do not know where people are in the process, you cannot determine the date at which parts will come together. This can create inefficiency. If someone is finished early and does not have extra duties, he or she may sit around wasting company salary.
Each member should know what the presentation will look like at the end and who will present to be able to fully grasp their own piece. You cannot make a puzzle when you do not know what the final picture even looks like.
Do Not Micromanage
Not much in life more annoying than having someone constantly hover over your shoulder, telling you how to live out each second of your life. It can be hard to get anything done when you cannot govern yourself. This is why children excel when they are given freedom at certain ages. Freedom lets you spread your wings and fly at your full potential. Independence lets children see what they are good out and forces them to improve their skills. You will never know that you have bad money management if you do not fly the coup and have to pay bills and buy clothes for yourself.
The same goes for employees. They need freedom to fly. They were hired for their skills and placed on the project to use these skills. So use their talents wisely by letting their creativity fly. When you feel inclined to check in, let them know you are doing so. It is good to give feedback, but limit it as much as you safely can.
Of course, when training new employees or those learning new skill sets, it is wise to set them up with a constant overseer. Make sure that they feel comfortable enough to be on their own before kicking them out on their own. When a mother bird pushes the babies out of the nest, they are forced to learn to fly. But when she pushes them out too early, they fall to the ground to die. Never let your employees go to die.
Give new employees the training they need to succeed. When delegating, assign them easier tasks that help prepare them for more important things. Group them with those who can show them the ropes.
It may be helpful to assign mentors. This way you do not need to worry about overseeing them, and they always have someone to go to. Make it mandatory to have a mentor and let each person choose his or her own. This way, no hard feelings get in the way of teaching if personalities don't click. Sometimes people just don't get along. So allow for freedom of choice when it comes to mentors. You learn better from a teacher you respect.
A key part of delegation that is sometimes overlooked is recognition. Properly thanking people for a job well done goes a long way.
Have you ever been in the situation that no matter what you do, you can only do wrong? This may be because you were never praised and instead admonished for your mistakes. When training an animal or human, reinforcement is stronger and more effective than punishment.
When delegating in your business, make sure to provide feedback, avoid micromanaging, train well, and to recognize your employees. These things will help them excel at their individual tasks.

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