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Staying Protected From Employee Theft

While you want to trust your employees, people do have weaknesses and faults. Unfortunately for many companies they have some people that they just cannot trust and often need to monitor. You need to work on protecting your company from employee theft in order to prevent loss of inventory and other vital company documents and things. How can you go about preventing employee theft and dealing with huge financial losses for the company? Here are some tips that can help you out.

Tip # 1 - Implement a security program
A great way to help you prevent theft is by using a security program. You need to have cameras on the inventory and other vital areas of the company. You should also add cameras to the office in order to watch over the computers and to make sure you do not have people stealing data from the computers. One way in which you can see how to work on improving the security of the company is by checking with HIPPA and ISACA to learn how you can legally protect your company. Make sure your employees are well-informed with the security program and that they know there are cameras watching over them. If they know that they are being monitored it can help to keep some people honest and will be able to prevent them from stealing items and other things.

Tip # 2 - Create security protocol
Let your employees know that you have a security program in place and then explain to them the type of disciplinary action and things that will be taken in the event that they are caught stealing company property. A security protocol needs to be posted in the break room and also emailed to the employees. Leave it on the server where the employees can access it and will be able to see what will happen in the event that they are caught stealing information and in violation of company protocol.

Tip # 3 -Reward the good behavior
You need to show your employees that you do appreciate them and trust them. When you notice that you do not have inventory loss and other things, recognize your staff for this. You need to recognize people for being honest as well instead of always looking for the bad employees that are stealing from the company.

Tip # 4 - Audits
It is important to conduct regular audits of the company. This will help you to look for things that are red flags like a certain employee claiming a lot of mileage expenses or other things. You might also find that when a person is hired or moved to a different department that you are now see a loss of production here or that you are dealing with other issues in the department that they left such as a loss of production. Using the audits you will be able to keep tabs on the company and to quickly identify any of the possible problems with the company that indicate that you have an issue that needs to be addressed.

Tip # 5 - Security Logs
You need to have some type of program that tracks where your employees are at and what they are doing when they come to work. You might want to use key fobs and things to show that your employees have checked in and to have them use the key fobs when they need to go into different rooms and areas of the company. Use the same type of thing when you are having your employees use the computer system. They will need a password and log in so you can track what they are doing on the computers. This way your companies secure data will be safe or you will know if anyone is trying to access it.

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