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Ridding Your Office Of Drama

One of the things that can easily destroy the morale in the office is when you have office drama happening. Drama in the office happens for a number of different reasons but it is up to managers to squash it before it does become worse and worse and really causes the company to lose employees over it. You may even end up with lost productivity and other things due to the drama that is happening in the office. Creating a company policy that targets certain behaviors that can impact your employee morale will help to prevent issues.

Approach the situation
You need to focus on figuring out what is causing the drama. Is it one person's personality and the way that they interact with others? Perhaps it is being caused from a past issue with the company such as having a sexual harassment problem in the past or an employee that caused serious pain to others in the way that they interacted with them. Look for different ways in which you can approach the situation so you can handle it in an effective manner. You need to come in with control and always project calmness. If you come into the situation with "guns blazing" you may end up making the entire situation worse and can easily cause a lot of drama to arise after the way in which you poorly handled the situation at hand.

Manage your drama
Some of the drama that is occurring could be coming from the managers. Everyone needs to take a good look at themselves and to focus on managing their own drama. You need to make sure that you are leaving your personal issues at home and you aren't bring them to work with you where they may end up severing relationships that you have built with your staff members. Know your personality and know when it is time for you to take a breather so you don't say things to your employees that you will end up regretting later on.

Know when to walk away
If you see office gossip, don't get involved in it. The best thing an employee can do is to avoid the gossip and associating themselves with it as it will end up dragging you down and just makes the working environment harder for you to thrive it. Report any information to your employer so the managers of the organization can deal with the drama issues instead of making you deal with them.

Confront employees
You don't really want to single out an employee because it usually makes the situation worse but if there is one person that seems to be stemming all of the drama, you will need call them into your office and confront them. Find out what is happening that is leading them to cause a lot of fights in the office. You might even recommend that they see an HR representative to talk about seeing a company therapist. You really want to show them that you are concerned for them and not just for the other employees. The working environment needs to be friendly and uplifting for everyone and it helps to try and get to the root of the problem. When you do talk to them, really listen to what they have to say and you need to be able to show them that you are trying to understand them.

Managers have a tough role as you need to learn how to deal with so many different personalities and to get them to work together. Focus on learning how to deal with difficult personalities and helping people to overcome their own problems so they can become less hostile to their co-workers.

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