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Using your administration manager effectively

How does a company run without an administration manager? The quick answer is that it doesn't.Every successful company has a strong administration manager to make the company function properly. They control so many different activities with the company that you need to hire the right one and use them properly. As the administration manager, you will have control over the flow of the company. You need to not only interact with the employees; you interact with the customers as well and look for ways to coordinate between the employees and the customers. You need to use your administration manager effectively and here are some of the different things you can do to place them into the right role and to give them the best chance at success:

  • Leadership abilities. People need to respect the manager and they need to trust them in their ability to lead the company into the future.
  • Decision-making skills. An administration manager must be able to make timely decisions and need to have the ability to make difficult decisions that may not always be favorable ones.
  • The power of observation. The administration manager needs to walk into a room and must be able to observe everything. They need to watch their clerks, secretaries, coders, office personnel, and others to see if people are working efficiently and if there need to be a few changes that will strengthen the company and make it more efficient.
  • Conducting meetings. The administration manager is in charge of a number of different meetings and they need to command control throughout the meeting. They need to get their staff to the meeting on time and make the meeting start on time so that you aren't losing a lot of extra work time.
  • Deadlines. Is everyone hitting their deadlines? If people struggle with this, you have to work hard to set the standard for the rest of your staff and to get them to start getting their work in on time. What are you doing to make your employees respect their deadlines? Do you have punishment for employees that do not meet their deadlines?
  • Questions. The administration manager also plays a key role in making sure the employees are responding to the questions of customers and others in a timely manner. Are your customers getting their questions answered promptly or are they going unanswered?
  • Communication. The administration manager also handles communication between the various departments and with the customers to the employees. Communication is a necessary skill that not every manager brings to the plate.
  • Training. The administration manager often needs to work on the training procedures for the company. They need to train other managers and to make sure the managers are fulfilling their job duties and that they understand what their job duties are.
  • Attendance. Getting your employees to come to work on time and to make sure they aren't struggling to come back from breaks and lunch late is another big role of the administration manager. If employees violate this rule, bring them into the office immediately and confront this behavior. You have to get rid of it early on before it becomes a big problem.

This person needs to have so many different skills that you need to interview a number of different candidates for your firm to find the right one. Communication skills, personality skills, confidence, flexibility, and so many other skills are needed for the company to succeed. How much can you spend on the right administration manager for your company? You will need to look at a salary range of about $60K or more to attract the right person to your company.

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