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5 Reasons Why You Need Six Sigma

What are you doing about the issues related to quality? If you do not have a program or a system in place that can help you to reduce or eliminate the issues, you may end up losing your place in the industry. Your competitors can easily take over and it can be difficult along with frustrating to find ways to restore confidence in your products again. It is vital that you work on finding different ways to really focus on the quality of your products and to ensure that you are able to provide people with the right type of products that they expect. If you do not, you will struggle. If you continue to fail with them you will also start to lose the valuable employees that you have as they are frustrated by the issues and they are always tired of the irate customers. Six Sigma can assist in helping to solve your problems. There are several different ways in which Six Sigma can help to solve problems and that comes down to the following 5 reasons:

Reason # 1 - Industry needs
One of the reasons why you might consider turning to Six Sigma is for the way it can provide benefits to your company based on the industry you are in. There are so many different industries that have been able to implement lean and all of them have seen success with the program in one way or another. Six Sigma is completely adaptable as it is working mostly on reducing the defects and concerns you have over the quality of your products.

Reason # 2 - Rapid Improvement
While it does take time for the training to occur and it can be a year before large differences are noted, you can easily see some small and rapid improvements when you implement Six Sigma. Usually you start to see some results related to the production time and you also can see improvements as you eliminate the defects that have been a problem for your company for a number of years. The application process is where you want to spend a great deal of your time. Look into the different things that can help you with Six Sigma like using Kaizen as a method to control wastes and to streamline the various aspects of the company. Another common thing that you can use with lean is to focus on mistake proofing, which is called Poka Yoke.

Reason # 3 - Value Improvement
A great reason why you need to consider using Six Sigma is for the benefit it can provide to you in the overall value of your products but in the value of your company. Your employees will be happier to work for your organization and you will also find that the customers are happier too because they feel valued as well.

Reason # 4 - Organization
One way to improve the company is by improving how you organize it. Can you find the tools and other things that you need when you are searching for them? You need to be able to use Six Sigma to help you catalog all of the things that you have so you know if you need to invest in new products and other things.

Reason # 5 - Sustainable Results
A big improvement that Six Sigma can give to your company is the ability to have sustainable results. You will be able to see how it can be improved and to enjoy having this become the new "norm" for your company so you don't end up falling back into old routines and things that lead to the defects and the frustrated customers.

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