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Is Lean Implementation A Big Challenge?

Do you look at some of the ways that lean can assist your company in overall improvement? What type of pros to lean allows you to reduce waste and what are the cons to lean? Lean can be a challenge to implement if you do not have the right type of control over it's implementation. You must be able to have the right motivation behind lean to get your employees to believe in it. If they are not supporting it, you will not be able to have a program that works well and to have people that actually follow it. People are always naturally resistant to change and you need to remember this when you introduce lean to the company.

With lean you will need to work more on all of the mental challenges that come with the new program. Management will play one of the biggest roles in everything as they are in charge of setting the example to show the employees why this is a good program and why they need to follow it. When you are able to get management to support you, it will be able to give everyone a feeling of confidence in lean and it can really aid in destroying the barriers that people always tend to put up around lean. The more you work on helping people to understand lean and why it is a success, they will reduce their resistance to the program and they will be able to give you greater control over the proper success of the program.

People are comfortable in what they already know. Anything that is new seems intimidating to them and the thought of it can be pretty scary. Start working to break down the barriers to help people become comfortable and to help them see why it works. It all starts in the pitch of the program. When you take the time to do all of the work and to show them answers to all of their questions, people will be able to understand why they should follow you and have an easy time being able to follow you.

Start with a committee of employees that have a lot of influence over their peers. They will really give you a chance to show everyone else why it's a great program to follow. You have to take the time to get your team of employees involved so they can easily make progress towards the successful implementation. When you break it down into smaller steps, it really does help to give people control and helps them to slowly becoming involved with it where they are not as worried about how it works.Implementing the program too quickly is what often worries people.

Removal of the wastes will really depend on finding what the root cause of the wastes are. Implement a reporting procedure so people can check out what the issues are and to have people that can come up with some great solutions that work effectively.

As your employees are the ones that work on identifying the wastes and they are the ones that really get to decide the solutions, you will be able to have confidence restored in them and they will really be able to feel like they are contributing and that the program works. It's all about getting the people involved. The harder you work on getting them involved, the easier it will be to overcome the challenges that many of the companies out there often end up facing with lean. Lean manufacturing can work successfully if you will commit to it and you really do invest time and energy into making the program work!

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