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The 5 Principles To The 5 S Method

Are you tired of errors occurring that seem to be out of your control? Why are you having issues with your manufacturing line? Do your employees have the right equipment and things needed to do their jobs? If your staff doesn't have the right type of training nor the equipment they need, you can easily end up having a lot of problems at your plant. Customers have a higher standard on your company and they want to be able to know that they can trust you no matter what happens. For you to have their trust, you have to provide them with quality in every aspect. Using 5 S is just one way in which you can regain the trust of the customers. 5S also aids in giving you a workforce that is productive and one that is happy to be working for your company. Here are some of the ways in which you can use 5S and how it will be able to help you:

1. Sort - this is the first S and it is also known as Sieri. It is the system that helps you in being able to understand the types of tools and equipment you need to use for success and it helps you to get rid of all the things that you don't need. You will see just how many tools and materials you have that are not organized and this can really slow down your employees abilities to do their jobs. It also makes for a lot of wasted money if you end up buying a lot of products over and over again as you may think that you do not have them because they are not in the place that they should be.
2. Set in order - this is the second phase which is called Seiton. During this phase you will end up having a system that allows you to know precisely where each tool needs to go along with having a system that helps you to eliminate waste. You will also be able to have employees involved as they are in charge of their workstations and having them properly organized. If you have organization, people work faster and they are less likely to become frustrated.
3. Sweep or Shine - this is the third phase which is Seiso. This is where daily involvement comes when the employees need to end up spending time each day to make their workstations cleaned. Without the daily involvement, people will get unorganized and confused again. Every employee needs to be able to have their involvement and each person needs to have an area that they are involved in controlling and cleaning so you don't have missing tools and other things.
4. Standardize - the fourth phase is called Seiketsu. This is the time where you are able to make the system and to have it in place all the time. People will adopt this is the "normal" way of doing things. New employees will adopt it easily where your older ones may resist it a little bit. Just focus on working to change the mindset and to get people involved again with management showing how it works and really setting the tone for it.
5. Sustain - the final phase is shitsuke. This is where you are having daily involvement as well because without the right involvement you will have people that go back to their old ways and people that are not sustaining the program. Teams need to be in place so they can ensure that everyone is following the procedures and you don't end up with errors and problems thanks to people that are not willing to change.

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