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The Proper Outline For Lean Six Sigma

If you are hoping to decrease waste and improve the overall efficiency of your company, it helps to have a quality system to work with. Lean Six Sigma is one of the systems that you can turn to that will be able to help you in providing for your employees and for your customers. It will allow you to detect issues and to remove the wastes from the company. You will be able to see a big increase in the overall productivity of the company and you can easily see how effective your company can be with the right type of strategy involved. Using Lean Six Sigma will be a process just like anything else and you need to be prepared for the resistance that you can meet with it.

Lean Six Sigma will allow you to improve the overall company through various tips and techniques. You must be able to look for ways that you can speed up the process of the company so you can get the products to the customers faster. Will this come down to buying new equipment for your organization to use? It may also come down to new training procedures to help your employees change the way that they work in order to make sure they are able to really focus on getting production to a higher level.

Reducing defects can be done through a series of lean tools. Lean tools allow you to standardize the processes of your company so you know what needs to be done and what is causing the issue in the first place. Before a defect is ever sent to a customer, you have to get on it immediately and change the problem! The last thing you need is a customer getting a product that is defective. It can lead to problems with the reputation of the company and causes a PR nightmare. It is also frustrating as you end up spending countless hours working to restore the reputation of your company and this is not an easy process by any means.

How long will it take for you to implement Lean Six Sigma? It is different for a lot of companies but it can easily take upwards of a year. Remember this is a program that is a mindset change. The resistance from your staff may be the biggest obstacle that you end up facing and it can be frustrating to management. You have to be believers in Lean Six Sigma and you need to pitch it to your employees correctly in order to have people following the program and getting you the right type of results you are looking for.

There are multiple lean tools that you need to consider. The 5 S method is a popular one as it's an easy one to implement in just about any organization. There are some other tools as well that you can use such as turning to the value stream mapping process along with Kaizen. Research the various lean tools to help you understand exactly what type of tools you need to use. It never hurts to combine several different lean tools together. It is also beneficial to consider starting with a simple one that offers fast results and then building upon others. People become motivated when they can see that you have success with one of the processes. The more they can see you are successful, the easier it will be for them to start trusting in the Lean Six Sigma way.

Without a committed staff, lean Six Sigma will not work. You need to have a staff that is supportive and wants to make the changes necessary to see the company flourish.

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