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Using Six Sigma In The Business World

Are you tired of dealing with errors and unhappy employees? There are many things that you can do in order to correct the issues that are facing the company surrounding problems like this. One of the main things that you can do is to look into using Six Sigma. This is a program that was originally developed by Motorola and has worked well for many organizations over the years. It has been changed for just about every industry and so far it has been able to work for just about every industry out there.

Most people that are outside of the manufacturing realm may not know what Six Sigma is and how to use it within your company. In the business world it will take on a completely different meaning and system than what you will get with the manufacturing world. You will need to be able to see that Six Sigma is profitable and it's one that aim at the detection and elimination of waste.

Using Six Sigma you can spot defects before they actually happen! You will see what the product designs look like that you are using and why the customers are always brining them back with the same issues. It's the initial design phase that is to blame in many circumstances. Just take a look at how many times car manufacturers issue a new model of their cars! They start with one and then they continue to build on it and adjust things here and there as they have worked out the kinks with the program. Take a look at the original SUV, the Ford Explorer. It started out and really did transform the car world as it took over the minivans and station wagons of the world and many people starting opting for SUVs. The original design did have it's fair share of concerns like dealing with rust that starts to happen to the doors as the car gets older thanks to the way the tires spray water back up on the doors. It also had problems relating to the engine of the car as the transmission is known to have problems at about 100,000 miles or so. Over the years Ford has made the necessary adjustments to it's Explorer to keep it as one of the top-selling SUVs of all time. It's the investigation like this into a product that Six Sigma helps to uncover and helps you to see what changes need to be made.

Since Six Sigma was created it has been able to save companies billions of dollars and has really been able to reduce a lot of headaches for customers as well. People are less likely to become frustrated with a company because you have Six Sigma. They will not deal with wasted time on their part as you end up showing the employees the proper way of doing things so customers are in and out in a hurry. Speeding up the process is a great way to reduce problems with customers timing concerns.

So what is Six Sigma to you? It's a program that will work only if management can support it! Management must be able to see how it can benefit the company and you must be able to work on properly implementing it. If people do not embrace it, Six Sigma will fail. Like anything, it takes time to do! Do not give up on the program too quickly. Many times just when you are losing your patience, the results will start coming in! It can save your company money and will help in giving you trust with your customers, which we know is the one thing you cannot buy!

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