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What Poor Quality Will Cost Your Company

Are you having a number of issues around the quality of your company? If customers are coming to you all the time to complain about product defects and that they are upset with the quality of your company, it might be time to consider looking into a program that can help you to address these concerns and to help you in fixing them so they will not happen over and over. If you do not get on the issues immediately, you are going to have some problems that are tough to face.

Six Sigma is one of the best systems to use if you have some quality issues. Six Sigma was introduced as a way to help you find product defects and to help you in being able to understand how to improve the quality for the company. Six Sigma is a process that is easy to implement but it is a program that does take a lot of time and planning to implement. You will need to look at the implementation methods to see if they are able to match your company and if you will be able to have a staff that can adapt to the changes that you want to implement.

Look at how much time you spend dealing with irate customers and the PR concerns that are related to poor quality products. If you can attach a figure to it, Six Sigma is a program that will be able to help fix this problem! You can see that by changing the design of the product that you can get a higher output for the company. You may also find that just taking the time to maintain your equipment in the right way can reduce or completely eliminate all of the defects and issues that your company has been dealing with.

Proper maintenance is one of the easiest things that you can do in order to see simple improvements to the company. You need to make sure that you are able to work on the maintenance of the equipment at least multiple times a year. It's the little things like greasing the machines and tweaking the belts that will make a big difference in the performance of the company.

When you are doing an evaluation of the company you need to consider the defects in multiple areas of the company and of the method that the product is actually created. Here are 4 areas that you need consider looking at when you are trying to figure out the quality issues that your company is facing:
- Supplier defects. Are you being provided proper raw goods to manufacture in the first place? If you are not getting the right supplies initially then you have a big concern that must be dealt with. Raw goods need to come to you as proper products that you can manufacturer or you will face serious quality concerns.
- Production line problems. If you have problems that are related to the production points of the company then you need to really look at your manufacturing equipment and to be able to find ways in which you can fix the problems. Investing in new equipment may be necessary if you end up having too many defects that seem to happen over and over.
- Warehousing defects. There may be a problem related to issues when you are putting products in the warehouse or you could have a warehouse that leaks and ends up having issues. You need to be able to look at what you can do in order to improve the issues and to prevent products from being damaged when they are at the warehouse.
- Transportation defects. Do you have products that are damaged when you are sending them to the customers? Changing your distributer may be the only way to prevent that from happening.

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