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5 Reasons Why You Need To Consider Lean

Have you been looking for a way to reduce defects in your production line? If your manufacturing plant is dealing with a high amount of product defects it is a smart idea to consider some type of program that can assist in helping you to identify these defects and to find a way to reduce or eliminate them. This is where lean manufacturing can help as it will assist in improving production by eliminating defects but also helping your company to improve the entire company.

Using Lean Six Sigma is a great opportunity to acquire a higher output from your manufacturing line and also reducing your overall defect ratio. Waste can occur in a number of different ways and learning to identify these wastes is vital to the success of your manufacturing plant. You need to be able to find out where you have waste and why you are dealing with waste. In some cases you may have waste thanks to the way in which your employees are doing their jobs where you may have waste in other ways thanks to faulty manufacturing equipment. If you are dealing with high amounts of waste and struggling to keep your customers happy, there are 5 reasons why it's time for you to take a lean approach to your business:
1. Quality - the main reason why you need to consider opting for lean is to improve the overall quality of your products and your organization. When you move toward lean you will see how you can change up your existing system to find a way to reduce how much time is wasted in the production line as well as where issues may arise. Fixing a problem early on is the best way to reduce defects and to give you a chance to offer higher quality products and services to your customers. With so many different methods and approaches to lean, you can easily implement it in just about any industry.
2. Immediate Improvements - when you opt for lean you will be able to see immediate improvements with your organization. The overall program will be a long-term improvement method for your organization but when you start analyzing the process flow and everything else, you will quickly see that you can see immediate improvements. Some of the methods that you use will aid in fast results such as using Kanban or Kaizen as they focus on the prevention of mistakes as well as assisting in organizing the workflow.
3. Satisfied Customers - Lean Six Sigma will be able to give you a chance to meet and hopefully exceed the expectations of your customers. Having happy and satisfied customers will allow you to create better relationships with them and hopefully it will provide you with life-long customers as they will always be able to know what they can expect from your company. Stronger relationships with your customers makes it a lot easier on your marketing team to spread the word about the company and to actually boost sales in a short period of time.
4. Mindset Change - turning to Six Sigma will give your organization a chance to excel now and in the future. It can aid in changing the mindsets of the entire company, creating a positive working environment. Initially your staff may resist the changes you have implemented but when they see positive results, it will be easier for them to believe in lean.
5. Goals - when you use lean you will set up goals for all the departments within the company. You will finally have measurable goals to use, allowing you to have a program that is easy to sustain.

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