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What are the elements of a team mission statement?

Your team mission statement should be packaged with power, pride, result, and a mission. Consider the following elements when creating your team mission statement.

A mission statement is an opportunity to jump-start your company in the right direction. The common mission statements are a statement or paragraph that is written by team members that will reflect the purpose identity, values and business plan.

Team mission statements can seem hard to write at first. You want to use good communication, which is clear, vivid (draw a picture) short, inspiring and spine tingling.

You would want to avoid negative statements, jargon, or complicated words or terms. The shorter the better on the length of the team mission statement, however still containing the necessary information to getting the mind sticking result.

Main elements of your mission statement:

- Pertinent team information
- Mission of the team
- Vision of the team or goal
- Emphasis on teamwork
- Values and philosophies

The mission statement created should be a statement of the organization that spells out the action plan, for the achievement of company or team goals. Clearly, state the goals and responsibilities in order to set and encourage team expectations.

Vision is a very important part of a team. Think of your favorite sports team, they have vision, a mission, goal and encouragement. The best teams are the ones that feel camaraderie with reaching those goals together. Winning is always a fantastic motivator. Therefore, make the goals and the vision easy to obtain.

The mission statement can also spell out the mythology of obtaining the wanted goal. Expectations are a huge part of reaching the prize. If a person knows what the goal, expectation is through the mission statement he, or she will more likely want to obtain the goal. A person's vision in reaching the goal is bigger than almost any incentive.

A mission statement is a guiding light for a business and the individuals who run the business. It is usually made up of three parts; a vision, a mission and core values. Each of these three elements is an important aspect of the businesses guiding light.
Here is a list of what could be stated for a team core values in a mission statement:
1. Provide economically sound business opportunities for our members.
2. Practice high ethical business standards
3. Respect and protect the environment
4. Produce high quality products that are safe for consumers
5. Meet the changing needs and desires of consumers.
Even though a mission statement carries so much power in it, there are always room for change and improvement. Try not to worry too much about the completion and perfection of the mission statement. They are changeable.
You will also want to include a clear list of the objectives you are looking for:
1. Measurability; what is the goal you want to reach
2. Can you obtain this goal?
3. Commitment
4. Ownership
5. Suitability
If done properly, a team mission statement can save the company money and time and increase the odds that your business ventures will succeed.Creating these statements will help you focus on the important aspect of your business. They will force you to focus on "Where you are going?" and "How and when you will get there?"

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