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The Challenges To The 5 S System

Anyone that is looking to find ways in which they can improve their manufacturing plant must be able to focus on understanding the challenges and things that you will face. There are many different parts of the 5 S method that can provide for the overall benefit of the company but you need to understand the employees and how their commitment to the program can make all of the difference.

The 5S method is a program that is based on change. Change in the leadership onto the changes you have with other things as well like the way that you are able to complete your manufacturing process. When it comes to the 5S method you want to really look at ways that you can create a method of change.

The best way to combat the problems you will deal with for implementation will start with your involvement in the way that you present the program to your employees. You need to be able to show your employees that you are understanding of the changes and how it can be difficult to adjust to them. When they see that you are supportive and that you know how hard it is to have a new program that changes the way that they do their job, they will feel appreciative and will be able to support your company and management in general. The 5S method can only work when you have that cultural change that is needed to change employees behaviors and to help them understand the importance of change. When you do this, focus on a slow implementation method. This way you are not just forcing the changes to happen in a few days. Giving people time is one of the best things that you can do so that they will be able to understand changes.

The thing with 5S that can make it work is to start slow. When you set small goals and you see them come into light, you will be able to see the positive improvements and changes you need with the company. Slow and steady wins the race right? This is how the 5S system can work as you are able to approach Kaizen in small and simple ways to get things done properly. Have your employees get involved in helping to create the goals and really working on one step at a time. When they are involved in goal setting and other things it will make it much easier on them to believe in the program and for 5 S to become a sustainable system.

The biggest thing to really work on with the implementation process of 5S is not only the personalities but the employees and how they make 5S a part of their daily routines. When you do not take time to really work on training and other things, you will have a hard time being able to have a sustainable system. You need to really train and really work on implementation before you move from one step in the process to the next. This is the best way to really make the program work effectively.

After each step meets the standards you have set, you can move to the next phase. As you do this you again need to work on the management and to make sure they are behind it all the way. Without managements complete support you will never be able to convince the employees of the importance of using the 5S system and to show them all that it can do to improve the company and their individual jobs.

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