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Where can I find six sigma training material?

This article will discuss where you can find six sigma training material to help your business and your six sigma employees, whether you are already converted to a six sigma quality management approach or if you are just now starting your company wide six sigma training.Six sigma training materials are also great for anyone who is going through the six sigma certification process and wants to hone their six sigma skills and expertise.Also, if you are a six sigma instructor, then you will want to look at a number of different options for six sigma training materials so that you can decide which one will work the best for whichever company you are training, or which class you are teaching.

There are a number of places where you can find six sigma training materials.Try looking at Motorola University at can even just Google "six sigma training materials" and you'll come up with a number of hits.But when you are choosing your six sigma training material, you will want to first carefully assess your own needs.If you are an instructor, who are you teaching?What is your teaching style?If you are a student, then think about what your job will be within a six sigma organization and hierarchy.

Look carefully at the six sigma training material.What does it include?Are there powerpoints already included in the training material?Does the provider include customization options, once the training materials have been purchased?Are there separate materials included for both instructors and students?Does the training material provider also provide updates on the material, free of charge?
Quality America is one of the top providers of six sigma training materials.These materials can be purchased and looked at if you go to their website at are just a few of the things that Quality America offers in their six sigma training material.

Quality America includes material for both instructors and for students.The training materials can also be customized depending on the needs of your company.These training materials can be used for initial six sigma training, and also for continual training after the initial six sigma certification, so that employees can stay up to date and refreshed on six sigma techniques.There are a number of different packages that you can purchase, based on what your training needs are.All the packages include professional textbooks and notebooks that are great for the first training process and for later reference.

All packages include training materials for green belts, champions, and executives.Package 2 includes black belt training materials.In the Package 1 option, you will receive instructor materials that include almost 600 MS PowerPoint slides.These slides include workshop exercises that you can use during training.The student materials include the Six SigmaHandbook, written by Thomas Pyzdek.Students also receive Paul Keller's Six Sigma Demystified.You have the option to create student notebooks by printing out the powerpoint slides, and then binding them.Package 2 option includes over 1000 MS PowerPoint slides, along with workshop exercises.The same two books are offered for the students.You can also choose the option The Six Sigma Blackbelt Study Guide and IQF Six Sigma Study Guide.Similarly, if you want to purchase Minitab and Quality America six sigma quality tracking and training software, volume discounts are available.

If Quality America doesn't have what you need, here are a few other places where you can find six sigma training materials:
Remember that the best six sigma training material is the one that fits your company needs, and whose provider gives support, backup, and updates to the training material.

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