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The benefits of using lean manufacturing

The basis of lean manufacturing is being able to identify and remove waste from the manufacturing process. This is important since waste is a cost within the manufacturing setting that should be avoided at all times. Manufacturing companies that implement lean manufacturing have been found to increase both employee on the job satisfaction as well as customer satisfaction with the finished product. Once your employees and the machines they work with are working at their full potential this will also help your manufacturing company to create a better product. This is only a few of the benefits of using lean manufacturing. Here are some of the others-

- Lean manufacturing better utilizes space, time and staffing-When lean manufacturing has been fully implemented within a manufacturing company then the entire company will be working at the highest potential. There will not be a any equipment that is not being operated at the highest levels. All of the building will be utilized to the fullest capacity and the staff will be producing at the highest levels. Everyone within the company will be able to find and use everything they need in order to make the highest quality of product possible. This will save both time and money. The entire manufacturing company will be operating with as little waste as possible which also saves time and money, and improves profitability.
- Lean manufacturing reduces costs-Because everything is operating at the highest and fullest capacity there will less cost throughout the manufacturing company. Everyone will be using material appropriately which cuts down on waste and the cost of replacement. Most manufacturing businesses that use lean manufacturing report that they have significant cost savings when lean manufacturing measure are fully implemented and working. This means that the manufacturing business automatically becomes more profitable since there is less money going out and more money coming in.
- Lean manufacturing helps to make a higher quality product-Because lean manufacturing cuts waste and increase efficiency the result is a higher quality product. The production process will produce a final product that has less errors and defects. This in turn means that the manufacturing company will have fewer product recalls and happier customers. This will improve the reputation of the company which helps further its marketing power.
- Lean manufacturing increases job satisfaction and higher morale among your employees-Manufacturing businesses that use lean manufacturing report that their employees have higher job satisfaction and employee morale. The reason for this is simple-when your employees don't have to spend time looking for needed equipment, fixing mistakes, and other time wasting endeavors they can concentrate on being as productive as they possibly can. This promotes a feeling of well being and satisfaction when it comes to job performance. In addition, when your entire company is performing at peak performance employees know that they have a lot more job security which promotes better employee morale.
- Lean manufacturing increases sales-Because the use of lean manufacturing results in a higher quality of product it increases sales. The word of mouth advertising that results from having a higher quality of product can bring many more customers to your business. Baucus your customers will have a higher satisfaction with the product that you produce they will in turn tell their family and friends. This means that not only will you have a higher degree of sales from your current customers it means that you can expand your customer base simply by using lean manufacturing to make a better product. Your customers will appreciate the fact that they are getting a better product for an affordable price.

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