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Using The 3P System To Exceed Customer Standards

Are you using a lean manufacturing system to keep your company moving along properly? Lean manufacturing is an effective way in which you can reduce or eliminate defects along with being able to improve the overall company. Lean experts use a number of tools that aid in reducing defects and other things. One of the systems that is commonly used is known as the 3P system. The 3P system involves using the same tools as Kaizen to aid in identifying the wastes that have occurred due to product development and then focusing on improvement in the process design as well. If you are able to reduce the errors quickly, you will reduce the money that is wasted.

As you use the 3P system you need to start by understanding what the customers' expectations are. You need to be able to understand these expectations as this is one of the most important things to consider so you can work on the process system. You need to be able to reduce the issues surrounding the original design of your products and then to work on focusing on the rest of the issues that trickle down through the manufacturing system.

The correct implementation of 3P will involved using the product development where you are testing how the product can be created using the existing system and then testing how it will be using a new system. Using the least amount of time, materials, and resources, the 3P system will be able to save your organization thousands of dollars.

Put a group together that will focus on understanding several different components pertaining to improvement. These employees will be involved in fixing the program through the way in which the products are manufactured as well as in the way that they are designed and how they are able to maintain higher productivity standards. When you brainstorm different ways to do things, it is not hard for you to be able to eliminate a lot of unnecessary steps that employees need to take just to do their jobs. You will also be able to provide them with the things that they need to be able to do their jobs effectively like the right type of tools and safety equipment.

What makes 3P different from so many other systems? 3P is one of the only systems that is working o the incremental improvement of the different programs you have in place and to make huge improvements to eliminate waste. Some of the other programs only focus on the existing system and not on the overall continual improvement of the company.

For you to implement 3P correctly, you will need to be able to look at the following steps and to use them correctly:
- Define customers' needs. It is essential that you create a team of employees that will focus on learning to understand what your customers needs are. This team will focus on taking all of the information that you collect with surveys and other things to help you determine what your customers are hoping for and what you can do in order to meet their needs. If you can find a way to meet or potentially exceed these needs, you will be able to have a much easier time being able to create a productive organization.
- Determine how a product will go from a raw good into a completed product. This is known as diagramming. Knowing how the product moves, you have an easier time being able to figure out how to create steps to reduce errors in the manufacturing system.

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