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All about mobile marketing

Mobile marketing is a term that is used to describe various ways that products and services, are marketed to customers using their mobile devices. These mobile devices can be smart phones, or other handheld devices, that can receive either SMS messaging or Apps. The arena of mobile marketing has continued to grow and evolve as the number of ways that businesses can market to mobile devices grows and the types of mobile devices grow as well. It is also important to understand that mobile marketing goes far beyond just receiving text messages, or using an App. Mobile marketing also includes search marketing, which allows the user to search out the information they are looking for in relation to the company, they want to dobusiness with.

Mobile marketing has moved to the forefront in the methods that businesses are using, in trying to attract their customers. This on the go marketing strategy involves sending your marketing message, to the phone or other handheld device of your customers. This way no matter where they are, or what they are doing you can stay in touch with your target market, and let them know what is going on with your business, and what you can offer them.

It is important for businesses not to overlook the relevance of mobile marketing. Several studies have shown that not only is the use of smart phones, growing in popularity, but the use of smart phones over computers, is also growing rapidly. Due to the lower price and the portability of phones and other handheld devices, many users are accessing the internet, this way. This means that businesses must rise up to meet their customers where they are, which means through mobile marketing.

In addition, to receiving marketing messages, smart phone users are also using their internet applications to search for information, before making a final purchase decision. Studies have shown consumers will even search for information, from within the store that they are looking online for. Savvy business owners understand that they must be able to present their not only their marketing information, but any other relevant information to their consumers, through the use of mobile marketing.

There are many different trends that any business owner should be aware of when it comes to mobile marketing. These trends include but are not limited to:
- It will get bigger-All indicators show that consumers are turning more and more to their phones and other mobile devices, when they want to access the Web. Savvy business owners have begun to realize the growth potential that marketing on the internet has, when used in this medium.
- It will expand further-Experts in mobile marketing see a huge growth of location-based services and the increasing ability to make mobile marketing much more personally relevant to users. Some studies predict that there could be up to 10 billion mobile devices world wide within the next decade.
- It will get more sophisticated-While text messaging is great, mobile marketing will continue to take on the sophistication that the internet has. There will be the development and introduction of new types of ads.This will allow for more developed mobile marketing campaigns. This type of marketing is known as Multimedia Message Service (MMS). This type of mobile marketing allows slideshows of images, text, audio and video to be sent and received. Best of all most new smart phones with color screens have MMS capabilities.
- It will make more money-Mobile marketing is expected to reach into the range of several billions of dollars within in the next decade. This type of marketing leaves businesses with a virtually untapped potential of reaching potential customers around the world.

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