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Building blocks of social media for business

The following are some of the building blocks for using social media for your business. Here is what it can do, why you want to use it, how to use it, and more:

Grow bigger ears- The biggest benefit of using social media for business is that it helps you tap into your customers and really see what they want. You can ask for their opinions on products, etc. and you can use search tools, etc. to see what they are looking at, for, and commenting on. In other words, it opens up a world of information that may have been difficult or expensive to obtain otherwise.

Make a friendly base- Social media is about relationships, and it is going to benefit any business who goes out and makes a friendly base of users, followers, friends, fans, etc. It helps you get on the level with those you are marketing to, and get to know them, and help them get to know you. It means friendly conversations, fast fixes to problems, addressing problems before they blossom, and more. It is a friendly community based idea that helps everyone work together for the better good.

Get out to where they are-One of the biggest reasons social media should be included in one of your business building blocks is because you are not longer predicting where customers will be and trying to advertise to them there, you are getting where they are. In many aspects they are coming to you. In other words, no more wasted money trying to second guess what publications, television shows, etc. they will be watching, and instead get right to them.

Community- Using social media for business is about creating relationships and developing a community. The idea is to let users get to know you, and get to know them so that you can create products and services that better fit their needs. The free information available when you create a community type setting is invaluable, as it will help you become a better, more credible company, with stronger brand awareness. As your community grows, so will your brand awareness, it is a fantastic phenomenon.

Mobile- When using social media for business, do not forget the mobile aspect. So many people are starting to use their mobile devices more and more for their social media use, so creating a social media strategy that accounts for this is important. Providing relevant content, and mobile friendly versions of your blogs, profiles, etc. is going to help your company get more exposure, and encourage users to spend more time on your pages.

Social media is a fantastic tool for businesses, however, it must be approached with specific objectives (i.e. provide better customer service), and should not be used merely as an advertising spot. Too much self promotion means too few followers. Instead, look for ways to add value and build community, and as you do so you will build loyalty and brand awareness.

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