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Have you created a strong SEO campaign? What is SEO and how can you really incorporate it into your companies marketing approach? SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization. It is a way in which you will drive targeted traffic to your website and increase your visibility by adding keywords and quality content to your website. Having targeted traffic is vital to your business because it will allow you to increase your customer base. Your sales team will be able to work directly with leads that actually have a given interest in your products and services.

What is great about SEO is that you can easily do a number of the things for it and it is not as hard as most people try to claim it is. You need to start by creating a list of keywords that your customers are using in order to find your website. These keywords are going to be used in order to help you market your site. They need to be optimized properly in the website in strategic locations such as your titles, first sentence, first paragraph, and last paragraph. If the keywords are found in these areas it will be much easier for the search engine crawlers to find them and to reward your website with a higher Page Rank status for properly optimizing your website.

Another easy thing that you can do in order to optimize your website is to use links to come in and out of your website. Links to credible website will really increase your website's page rank as well. However you need to work on creating these links by asking other companies to add the link to their page or posting in discussion forums and other places. Just make sure the places where you post the link is a place that already has a lot of visibility and it is really generating a lot of traffic. If it has a high pagerank already it will reward your site with the same.

How is your website organized? Have you gone over it and checked on the navigation of your site? If it is not organized properly it will lead to issues and can force you to lose your higher page rank. You need to go over your site and remove the broken links on the site as well as the outdated content. Upgrading your website is important to the search engines and to your customers. It is a good idea for you to consider a complete website overhaul if your site is starting to get a little old. An upgrade to the website will allow you to have more visibility but it will also be able to help you find new customers with the site. New and fresh content is another reason why the search engines will reward you with a higher page rank so be sure you are continually updating the content on your website.

Pay Per Click is another way for you to add links to your website and to bring people to your site. You need to consider getting started with a PPC campaign that will drive targeted traffic to your site and can help you with your Page Rank. Look into the Google PPC campaign as you can use affiliate marketing with it as well to gain more visibility. Facebook is another place where you need to consider using PPC as it can generate a lot of traffic for you and will be able to help you create a presence on their site as well. PPC is a great way to really add to your overall SEO campaign and start getting the traffic and attention you deserve.

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