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Why use mobile marketing?

Mobile marketing has become one of the newest tools, in the marketing arsenal of business owners. This unique way of messaging what your company is doing and what they can offer their customers, is steadily gaining in popularity. Mobile messaging makes use of the fact, that more and more consumers are rarely separated from their phones, and more importantly, rarely turn them off. This means that companies can use this instant interactivity to let customers know what they have and most importantly where to find them. Mobile marketing can be a vital and effective arm of your marketing plan. There are many reasons why mobile marketing should be used; here are just a few of those reasons-

- Mobile marketing allows for instant connectivity with your customers-As mentioned above mobile marketing, allows businesses to connect instantly with their customers. This way the business doesn't have to wait, for the user to go home and get on the internet, check their email or open their mail. You can reach your customers wherever they are. Because the essence of effective marketing is developing a relationship with your customers, this type of marketing is another step forward in insuring customer loyalty and repeat buying.
- Mobile marketing can be changed quickly-Got a special or a new product or service that you want to let your customers know about? You can do that instantly through mobile marketing. There is no need to wait to let the message out. You can simply send out the information that you want your customers to know, right now. This allows your customers to stay up to date with what you are doing, and helps them to feel a part of your business. Again, you can use mobile marketing to create a relationship with your customers.
- Mobile marketing can be done cost effectively-There are many different options, for businesses who are looking to use mobile marketing. You can hire a consultant from anywhere between a few hundred dollars to several thousands of dollars, to guide your mobile marketing efforts. There are also companies that help you get started (for a fee of course), or you can purchase an off the shelf tool that will help you to set up your mobile marketing. It is important to keep in mind that you will need to purchase a short code and a keyword, however, these can be purchased, for less then $1500 a month. In addition, many businesses are choosing to share a short code, in order to defray some of the costs of mobile marketing. The bottom line is that compared with some other forms of marketing, mobile marketing can be put into place and used consistently, for a fairly small cash outlay.
- Mobile marketing comes in various forms-The most widely used forms of mobile marketing fall under the categories of SMS and Apps. Business owners can use the form that best meets the need of their customers. It is important to keep in mind that nearly all cell phones can receive SMS, while your customers will need a smart phone to use an App or other form of mobile marketing.
- Mobile marketing is the new frontier of marketing-There is no denying the indicators, that mobile marketing is where businesses will flock to, in order to get their messaging out. Marketing is a dynamic business function, and savvy business owners know that they must remain alert and attentive to changes in marketing strategies, in order to stay current with both their potential customers and their existing customers. Business owners would do well to check out how mobile marketing will fit their business needs and those of their customers.

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