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The influence mass media has on your social media impact

There are so many different factors that can impact your company's image. One wrong statement and your hard earned reputation can be completely destroyed. Thanks to social media information spreads like wildfire and the information that spreads isn't always good information. The mass media has a huge impact on our customers and the way that they shop and even the way they think. It is important that you take the time to address this issue and to find ways to prevent your customers from falling into the traps that mass media can set for them if they are not careful.

First let us define what mass media is and how it works. Mass media is large world of communication in a sense. You have everything from your online marketing programs and forums to word of mouth at the water cooler at the office. Journals, radio, TV, and just about any type of way in which you get information is a part of mass media.

Mass media is always on and it can easily influence people for the bad or good. If your company is being talked about you need to try and have as much control over that information as possible. This isn't always easy considering the shady people you have to work with that produce mass media things. You have to look for ways to ensure that your customers hear the truth and that the information they are talking about is accurate and does portray your company in a positive way.

Mass media has a big influence over everyone and it is important that you define your market and your customers in order to understand how it can influence them. You will have several different niche markets that you are working with and you really need to look at what your customers are responding to when it comes to mass media so that you can take steps to get the right information out to them. This is where social media can have a huge impact as you control the messages that are sent out from your page and you can respond to information that your customers are posting online. You have to respond and do so in a timely manner for your customers to see that your company does care and that you do really try to make an impact in your industry and offer them value.

Use social media to beat the mass media to the punch when it comes to a PR problem or getting timely information out there. It is the fastest way for you to connect with your customers and it doesn't take long to send out a quick line to your customers. Most companies will even keep the social media page open on their cell phone so they can respond to emails and other information that the customers send.

Social media is a constructive way to interact with your customers and it really can help to undue a lot of the damage that the mass media has done to your company. With the mass media you will need to create a strategic PR method to talk to them. You likely have to send out a press release stating the facts and then hoping that you do get a reporter to actually pull up the press release and publish it for your customers. With social media you don't have all this waiting and the hassle. Instead you get to send out the message now and watch it move around to your network and many other networks. It can quickly correct a problem unlike dealing with the mass media.

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