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How To Care For Your iPad Or Kindle

After investing in an iPad or Kindle, it is important to know how to care for them.These electronics are used daily by their owners and can accumulate dust, food and drink stains and other assorted visual problems, but with proper cleaning and maintenance, they can bring joy to their owners for months and even years.

First, it is important to note that you should follow the manufacturers' directions when it comes to caring for an iPad or Kindle.So if you are one of those people who never read the instruction manual, now might be the time to change that habit - just this once.You don't have to read the whole instruction manual, just the part on maintenance and cleaning.

The battery of a Kindle is designed to have a long life and be long lasting.It is important to charge it according to use.Some recommendations include charging it every other day if you are a heavy internet user and once a week if you are rarely online.

Both the Kindle and the iPad use a lithium-ion polymer which is actually designed to be charged at any time before it fully runs down.Waiting until the battery runs all the way down before charging it will actually reduce the batteries life.ON the other hand, allowing it to charge after it has reached 100 percent capacity may also cause issues, though the iPad and the Kindle are equipped with shut off mechanisms that make it unlikely that overcharging will occur.

Charging a battery incorrectly may lead to battery memory.While memory is good for electronic devices, it is not good for batteries.It shortens their lifespan and creates a new expense for the user of the electronic device as well as creating hazardous waste that may have been otherwise avoided.
To care for the Kindle screen, it is important to avoid touching it if possible.This will keep it from getting the oils of the fingers on it, and there will be no need for cleaning.Unfortunately, that recommendation is probably unrealistic even for the most careful of users.Finding a screen cover can help keep the screen clean and make it easier to clean the viewing area.The cover can also help prevent scratches.
If the screen gets food or drink on it, it is okay to use a damp cloth on the screen, but never use a wet cloth.The difference between damp and wet may be subtle for some people, but you will do fine if you remember that electronics and water don't mix.If the screen itself gets dirty or dusty, using a cotton cloth to clean off the dust particles is okay; alternatively, a microfiber cloth like the ones used for cleaning eye glasses may be better.It is important not to press too hard on the screen when cleaning off the dust.

The iPad screen is actually meant to be touched and as such, it comes with an oleophobic coating.Merriam-Webster describes oleophobic as lacking an affinity for oils.This coating helps to repel the prints that people have on their fingers, but it doesn't last forever.Apple makes the iKlear cleaning kit for the iPad screens.It includes cleaning solution and microfiber towelettes.Alternatively, a user can use an air bulb blower to remove any dust particles that could scratch the screen, and then apply some distilled water onto a microfiber cloth and gently wipe the screen.One should never apply water directly to the iPad - again electronics and water do not mix.Taking care of the iPad or Kindle may take a little extra effort, but it is worth it to take care of the investment.

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