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Is Android The Best Phone On The Market?

"Is the Android the best phone on the market?" is really a misnomer of a question.There is no Android phone per se.There are many different phones that run the Android operating system.It is a lot like asking is Windows the best PC on the market - Windows is an operating system that runs on IBM, HP and other computers.So Android itself is not a phone.

Is Android the best operating system on the market for phones?That depends on what you need a phone for.For those who still look at phones as a way to call and receive calls and even for those who look at a phone as a way to text, a phone that runs Android may be far too much for their needs.For others, there are several reasons why Android might be the right choice.

Google is the originator of Android and as such it has name recognition.Google is one of the strongest companies in terms of web visibility, so Android has Wall Street cred. Google has also pretty much cornered the market on operating systems for phones mostly because they have no real competitors.They are the Microsoft of the phone world.Apple has its iOS, but has kept the operating system from being run on phones other than those that Apple is involved with like the iPhone.

Along with that, Apple is the only one allowed to develop apps for its iOS.Google has released Android really like an open source.Any phone company can make a phone that runs Android and any software company can build an app for the Android.That means that there are a wide variety of phones that are available for Android.With numbers comes compatibility and popularity.That is what market share is all about and Android has a lion's share of the market.There is tons of vendor support for Android as well.That means that those who use the Android can expect a lot of great things.

If none of that is a reason for the argument that Android is the best operating system on the market.They have one of the coolest naming conventions around.The latest version is called Ice Cream Sandwich.Who doesn't like ice cream sandwiches?Previous versions included Cupcake and Gingerbread.

Google also has one of the coolest slogans around - don't be evil.Now while this is the informal version of the longer - you can make money without doing evil - and it defines itself as an absence, the implications are great.Any company that tries to not do evil has the beginnings of being a good company.

There are a lot of good things to like about Android and the company that is responsible for it, but there are plenty of alternatives out there when it comes to smart phones.Apple is the strongest competitor with its iPhone.Symbian is another operating system, and there are several others.It just takes a bit of research for those interested in avoiding larger companies for the competitive advantages that smaller companies give to the market place.

A phone is a very personal thing for most people.Some make their choice based on the hottest, the newest or what their friends have.Others make the decision based on what they are comfortable with.Whatever you decide about the smartphone that you want to carry, it is important to know that there are more options out there than just the big two.The question that needs to be asked is will this turn out like VHS and Betamax or Blu-ray and HDDVD?

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