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3 Tips To Help You Delegate

Business management is the act of bringing together parts of a company to make a successful, working whole. It is creating synergy, in which the whole is actually more productive that the sum of all parts. This is why you were hired as a manager. Though you may not create or engineer like you used to, you are valuable for your leadership skills. A major part of leading is delegating, figuring out who takes care of what. Delegate better to become a better manager with these three keys.

Share The Vision
Make sure that each employee understands his or her part in the project at hand and in the company. When you feel a part of the company as a whole, you try harder to do what you can to keep it going like a part of a machine.
With each project that your lead, assign tasks to individuals and make sure that they understand the final goal. They need to know about deadlines and they need to know what their piece should do and look like exactly. If you were building a robot, the person who made the eyes would need to know where they should be placed so that they could fit them into the head that was made by someone else. Puzzle pieces, like parts of a project, only fit together when the big picture can be seen.
Always keep open the lines of communication. Employees need to know that they can openly come to you with ideas and concerns. Otherwise, people get frustrated with pent up emotions or thoughts. Humans need to express themselves and be heard. Even the most shy of employees need this.
The film "Cast Away" shows this human principle very well. The main character is lost on an island alone for years. He tries to kill himself because all seems hopeless. But when he finds a sports ball on the beach as a tie to civilization, he finds comfort. He draws a face on it and keeps it with him always as a friend. When he loses the ball on his way back to mankind, he despairs as though it were his loved one.
The same idea is portrayed in "Robinson Crusoe." Crusoe is also lost on an island. He is sad and lonely but finds comfort in a friend named Friday. In any other circumstance, he would not have befriended Friday because of their differences in color and culture and the time they were born in. Friday would have been his slave. But Crusoe and this man became closer than brothers because they needed each other. We need human contact.
Keep up communication with your employees and associates to better manage them. When you define your expectations, you are more likely to get what you want and be satisfied.
Make sure that employees feel appreciated with rewards. Rewards act as incentive and as a way to show gratitude. Gratitude is an important part of business. If fast food employees did not show you their gratitude for your business and instead were grumpy or rude, this could lead to losing money. Make sure that you show appreciation to employees you oversee, as you would to clients. They are like your family. Treat your family as well as you treat your friends.
Take the whole company out to a hotel or beach house for some training and relaxation. Company retreats actually serve many purposes. They help unify the company. Employees see other employees and heads of company and get a chance to interact and feel a part of something. Retreats also serve as a way to reward employees. They should be fun and include training, or some kind of purpose.
This is just one idea of a way to show appreciation. Use rewards as incentives to kill two birds with one stone.
These keys to delegation are sometimes overlooked. Make sure to always show your employees gratitude. Help them see your vision, and communicate effectively for a better business.

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