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Becoming A Better Leader And Delegator

One of the most important things you can learn as a boss or manager is how to delegate effectively. Large companies run on this principle. The president of the United States does what he needs to do because he contracts out parts of his job to skilled workers. Other experts take on important tasks. You do the same as you run your company. Make sure to keep these tips in mind.

1. Lead With Confidence
A good leader has the confidence to show why he is in that position. People can respect him because he knows what he is doing at all times, or at least appears to. Make sure to keep up this fa├žade no matter what. If you do not understand part of the project you need to oversee, do your research. People can better follow you when you understand their efforts.
Make well thought-out decisions with time. It is okay to step back and tell someone that you need a little time to think. Lead with integrity and purpose, with ethics in mind.
2. Set Up Schedules
Each employee should know when deadlines are and have a method to keep track of such dates. Make sure that everyone has some kind of device to keep a calendar. Hand-written calendars are a thing of the past, but if this is all your company can afford, give out small, magnetic calendars and encourage workers to use them for projects.
If there is more of a budget for these kinds of things, give out smart phones. Electronic calendars remind you without you having to look at them. Keeping up with technology helps employees feel like the company is up to date and successful, which can encourage confidence in superiors. A gift like a smart phone or tablet is a reward that helps keep people with the company, as well. Decreasing turnover is always a goal because it saves money and time.
3. Set Up A Way To Reward Employees
Reinforcement can come in the form of bonuses or parties. It is up to you to tailor the way you reward employees to your business. Here are some incentives that other companies have offered.
- Throw A Party!
One company recently put on a spontaneous bash for its employees. They were so productive in a certain time frame that all work was put away one Friday and the weekend began. Mangers pulled out the sparkling cider and hired a DJ for a relaxing reward. This reward did its job. Employees thereafter worked harder because they wanted another half-day party. Simple things like this can really work to motivate people.
- Put On A Picnic
Unite the whole company with a family-friendly picnic. When employees feel that they are part of a team they are more likely to try harder. Understanding how they fit into the scheme of things helps them feel important. It can be hard to do a good job day after day when you feel like you don't matter. So help everyone understand his or her role by putting on a company-wide activity. A little fresh air and good food is a great way to say thanks.
- Give Out Gifts And Bonuses
Each holiday make sure that employees are garnished with a token of appreciation. Whether is be a gift card, a gift basket, or a holiday ham, a present shows that the company has a heart. It can be easier to be patient with your leaders when you know that they are human. Corporate is sometimes viewed as a scary, stuffy, unreachable entity. Get rid of this feeling with bonuses and gifts that go beyond some extra cash.
As a leader, you must stay confident, keep up with schedules, and find ways to reward your employees for more effective delegation.

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