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Time Management Tips

This article will give you time management tips for your business. As a business manager, you are expected to have your employees meet certain tasks. You can give them feedback as to their performance, but they are the masters of how they spend their work time. You can give them some time management tips.

1. How much time do you spend during the workweek with each task? Your employees probably have no idea how long each task takes them a week. If they spend one hour a day checking their email, then they are already spending an eighth of their work week. Once they figure out how long each task takes them, they may be able to structure their workweek in a more efficient manner.
2. Do you use a planner? Most employees in your office probably will answer no to this question. This is just the way life works. Many people do not take their work home with them. Their office computers probably have a calendar or scheduling program installed. If your employees chose to use such a program, they might better schedule their day. If they do not have a program installed, they can use a free online calendar to schedule their day. Google Calendar is a great way to make appointments, keep track of meetings, and set time aside every day to follow up on tasks.
3. Stand up when you are talking on the phone. This is an interesting tip, but it does have its merits. Many people draw out a phone call much longer than needed. If a person is standing up while talking on the phone, they will become fatigued if the phone call goes too long. Standing up while talking on the phone will make your employees limit their phone calls to relevant and important material.
4. Take short breaks when needed. Sometimes, typing on the computer or writing for a long period of time will burn a person out. It's okay to take a short break now and then. A short break will refresh a person. When a person returns to a task from a short break, they will be able to bunch their efficiency back up a notch.
5. Bring your lunch. When a person brings their lunch, they are likely to stay at work and not travel to go grab a bite to eat. Sometimes, traveling during a lunch break will make the employee late for the remainder of their shift. Also, the lunch, if it is large, will make a person sleepy for the afternoon.
6. Work in groups on large projects. If your office has a large project list, it might be better to have your employees divvy these up. A pair of minds working on a large project will often make the flow go a lot more smoothly. Someone might see something from a different perspective. This can move the project along more quickly, making it easier for employees to meet a deadline.
7. Stress the importance of time management. Your employees need to know how to manage their time. You can arrange workshops that feature time management as a theme. You can also purchase them tools and supplies to help them better manage their time. You can also mention time management in their performance evaluations, if they are not succeeding at meeting deadlines.
8. Create a culture that stresses the now, but plans for the future. If your team is focused on the now, they will perform well on a day-to-day basis. If you are going to stress time management, also focus on the future. This will help employees adjust if something unforeseen happens.

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