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How To Become A Problem Solver

It is not easy to deal with multiple problems and things that are thrown at you each day. As a manager you need to be able to keep your cool and really find a way to lead the company no matter what arises. You have to figure out how to solve problems as they come your way. This is a key component of leadership. You need to remain in control of the situations that are at hand and to really work on solving them before they do become severe problems for the company. You need to learn how to analyze problems and gather data and then to implement the right type of decision to take the company ahead.

What many people do not realize is that problem solving is not a thing where you react to a situation but you have to always think ahead. When you are proactive instead of reactive, it really does go a long way in helping the company to excel. It can make your life a lot easier as well as you aren't always needing to put out fires and other things all the time.

Problem solving is really a step by step approach that requires you to gather information, analyze multiple solutions, make a decision, and then stick to the decision. Implementing the decision that you choose is sometimes the hardest process for a lot of people.

When you are problem solving you have to start by looking at the issues that are at hand. You want to figure out what all of the problems are at hand so you can then look into different ways to solve the problems. What you need to do is ask the "who, what, when, why, where, and how" for each different problem or potential problems for the company. Asking yourself a lot of questions about the problems will make it easier on you to define them and to come up with useable solutions that are not going to cost the company a fortune and will be easy for you to implement.

After you take the time to identify what the problem is you then need to work on getting all the details together. You need to have facts about the problem such as things like why it occurred and other details that are part of it. This will help you to figure out multiple solutions so you can find a way to really improve the company and so you don't run into these problems again. One of the other things you need to do is to list where the problem ranks as far as being a priority that you need to work on. Sometimes it is common to try and solve all of the problems at once instead of ranking them and taking each problem one by one.

As you confront the problems and you start making several different solutions for them, you have to really take consideration of how your staff is going to respond to the solutions. People are always hesitant to change and a new solution to a problem is a big change to a lot of people. Watch the way that they respond to what you want to do as it can help you to see if this is going to work or not or if you will continue dealing with hostility after you have implemented the solution.

Keep your cool and do not let new problems rattle you. It is important that you maintain your cool as your employees will watch the way that you handle the situation and you have to show them that you are in control if you want to have them respect you and feel that the solution you created will work.

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