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What business managers need to know about online marketing

Online marketing has become the new frontier for promoting your business. Yet it is surprising to learn that many business managers have overlooked this new and affordable way to market their business. Studies have shown that many business managers feel that online marketing is too complicated, too expensive, or it won't provide them with the results that they need. However, the reality is that if you not marketing online you are missing out on a marketing opportunity that can substantially grow your business. Here is what business managers need to know about online marketing-

- Online marketing is not complicated-Many business managers have the mistaken assumption that you need to be highly technical to market your business online. This could not be further from the truth. Many business managers even set up their own website using online templates that help them to create the website that best portrays their business. The bottom line is that while you can hire a web consultant to handle your online marketing there really is no need to. Following online instructions can get your business website up and running today.
- Online marketing is not expensive-Many business owners feel that they don't have the marketing budget to use online marketing. However, those same business managers would be shocked to learn that you can effectively market your business online for very little money. Many types of websites can be put up using no money at all. Social media network marketing and business blogs can be set up and utilized for free. The major commitment to online marketing is time since you will need to make sure that someone is constantly maintaining and updating the content of your online marketing.
- Online marketing will get you the results that you need-Many business owners feel that online marketing is a waste of their time. However, it is important to realize that many customers go online to research before making a purchase decision. That means that if your business is not online (even if you don't sell online), you may not even be considered by your potential customers. In addition, studies have clearly shown that online marketing is so effective because it is able to reach customers that are often overlooked by more traditional marketing means. That means that any business that is not online is literally giving away customers to their competition who are.
Now that you know why you should be marketing your business online here are some ways to do just that-
- It all starts with a website-Every business should have a website that shows theircustomers what they can offer them and most importantly where to find them. Keep in mind that you have lots of competition online so you need to make sure that your website is easy to use and easy to navigate. You only have a few seconds to attract and keep the attention of your customers so make your website stand out from the crowd.
- Add on with a business blog-Another great way to market your business and interact with your customers is through a business blog. A blog will give you the chance to position your business as the expert in the field. In addition, if you respond to the comments and questions your customers leave you can gain valuable insight into what their needs and wants are and how you can meet them.
- Branch out to social media network marketing-One of the newest and most effective ways to market online is through social media networking. However, it is crucial that you find that the social media sites that your customers frequent in order for this type of marketing to be effective.

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