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An Environment That Solves Problems

Problem solving needs to be a part of any effective lean environment. You need to be able to focus on helping your employees to understand their role within the company and to constantly check for problems that can arise within the company. Empower your employees to be able to start making changes that will help to improve the company. When they are looking for defects and they have the chance to brainstorm, it will make it easier on them to feel comfortable about big decisions that need to be made with their jobs.

How do you create an environment that will be able to solve problems all the time? You need to consider using Six Sigma or lean manufacturing. A combination of the two may be the best option that you have in order to make a big difference with problem solving. The combination of both programs will lead to speed along with quality and efficiency for your organization.

In order to be able to solve problems and to have this type of positive environment you must be able to figure out how to change the mindsets of your employees. You have to always focus on continuous improvement for the company instead of just working on being faster. Where does this type of inspiration come from? It starts with management. You must be sold on lean and you have to be able to have that motivation to teach it to the other people in the company. When they can get some of your enthusiasm, it will be a lot easier for you rot implement lean within the company. You need to be able to have the tools available in order to help you implement lean as well. Some of these tools include having a good training program that the employees can follow in order to become part of the lean way. Once the initial training is done you will still need to have additional trainings in the future. You have got to be able to have multiple training programs in place so you can make the right decisions and so your employees will have all the right tools.

For you to be successful with problem solving you must be able to help your employees learn how to improve the company instead of always focusing on assigning blame to people or to the process. You want to be positive, not negative all the time when it comes to giving your staff a good shot at being successful with lean manufacturing and understanding how to make better improvements for the company. Training is usually the best way to help your employees so they can understand how to improve the company rather than to be able to just focus on the negative things.

Watch the morale of your staff. You have to be careful in the way that they deal with problems. It is natural for people to blame each other or to point the finger in other directions. You have got to be able to step in when you see that your staff is doing this. Make sure you are always observing the machinery and finding the root cause of the defects rather than always appointing blame to the staff.

Everyone within the company must play a role in helping to create a problem solving environment. Your entire staff needs to get involved and everyone has to be responsible for something. This is the best way to understand how to identify problems that are going on with the company. When everyone has a part in the company they are all able to brainstorm ways to improve the company and to help improve the bottom line.

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