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Before You Go Lean You Need To Know This!

As you are working on having a productive manufacturing plant you need to look at all of the various elements that can be used to help you out. One of these elements to consider is the use of lean manufacturing. With lean you are able to get everyone with the company involved in improvement of the company and to have an easier time working on reducing wastes.

A lot of people think that when you go lean everything will change right away. When you are considering lean you need to realize that this is a system that takes time to implement. You need to take time to look at all the various elements of lean and to see if your company is going to have an easy time with the implementation of it. The lean implementation process can take a lot of time and you need to be completely committed to it for it to become a success. Management is the key to lean as you need to commit to it and be completely involved or you are going to have staff members that do not believe in it and really don't understand their roles with lean. For lean to become effective you need to have your staff on board or it will not work. Do not think that lean is all a technical process because it is not, the majority of its success rests on the shoulders of management.

Can you change the mindset of your staff? If you do not have the right type of leadership skills, you will find that it is hard for you to get your staff on board with lean. Since you have so many of the responsibility for lean on your shoulders you need to learn how to stay committed and to get others to commit. Lean will involve parts of your entire company including the following:
- Marketing
- Sales
- Quality control
- Manufacturing and production line
- Procurement

Leaders will need to get all of these different areas involved with lean and then they will need to come and train their employees on lean and having the right lean mindset. This part of lean is where you have what is called a foundation for lean. Once you can see that you have the people that will implement the lean mindset you can easily start the process.

Proper communication of lean principles will be able to help keep your staff in the loop with lean. Make it clear to your employees what lean is as they need to be able to understand it and to see how it impacts their jobs. There are a variety of elements that you can use to help with lean communication like sending out weekly emails that talk about new lean principles. How about using newsletters that are mailed or send out to your company employees each month with information about the new lean principles along with some other things like how lean will improve their jobs and so forth.

Once you get to this point you will want to work on finding employees that can be used as team leaders for lean manufacturing. You need to find people that are committed to lean but have the right motivation and drive to them in order to help you make lean a successful thing for your company. You really need to learn how to "train the trainers" so that lean can be a success. Send them to training events or consider hiring a consulting service to come in and help with the training so lean can move forward within your company.

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